Posted by: Chuck | February 6, 2013

Good day to you from Danao

Hello from Danao, yesterday I finished updating my new blog “Philippine Thoughts” with help of young man named Jong-Jong and advise from the Worldpress computer whiz kids. So this is the first post on my updated blog. My wife Beng yesterday arrived back home late last night after a few games of BINGO at the BINGO parlor in Cebu and our new helper Alvin who I call “Smiley.” I met Smiley early this morning after I fell in the bathroom floor. As always Beng helped me from the hard concrete floor and encouraged me take my bath and then helped me to ready for the day. She always has a quick smile for me and encourages me on. Setting at my computer all ready all primed a brownout stroke from out of no where, not able to face the heat or the brownout I went to bed and rested for a while.  My biggest hope and pray is to be able to walk and a take a stroll with my wife. Life isn’t easy or a bed of roses!



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