Posted by: Chuck | April 9, 2013

It’s peaceful and quiet at the Big House in Danao

Momoto Airfield at Los Negros Island

Momoto Airfield at Los Negros Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning folks from the Big House were its peaceful and quiet. As I have said before, my stroke has taken its’ toll on me. Yes but of course, I miss my old self to be honest with you. But I have an inner strength and hope. The strength God gives me every day and the hope my wife gives me each day. The sun is shining and our air conditioners are at full speed. Once again our Internet provider Smart is up its old tricks and hiccups. Mama and Papa are downstairs holding down the fort. Junior is off to the neighboring Negros Island to visit his grandparents on their farm. He expected to be home next Monday and he will be a welcome sight to my eyes. Yesterday while trying to walk I slipped, later my wife and her sister Neng-Neng helped me to the family sofa. Believe me the floor is cold and hard – which is made of reinforced concrete. After they pushed and pulled I finally made it to the sofa, where I took my afternoon nap. After much soul searching I decided Junior should accompany his Mom to the states this coming August. She will need a travel companion on her long trip from to the west coast and he fits the bill. We plan to leave him in Seattle to work for Beoing so he can follow his dreams plus he has a step brother nearby and Beng has a good friend living in Seattle. I am on particularly concerned about him because he has good head on his shoulders. I have admit to you I haven’t been the best to Junior to encourage him and be patience as I should of and not too tolerate. So if he wants follow his dreams I help him. My wife needs a rest and get away for a while and Junior needs to follow his dreams, and of course there is me my dream is their dreams. There are times of mourning when family member dies; there are economic crisis when we lose a job or even a home; there are crisis of faith when we find its hard to believe in a good God… May the peace of the Lord be with you always.



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