Posted by: Chuck | April 10, 2013

Current cycle of Global Warming is changing the cycles of climate

Canadian fiddlers perform during the Opening C...

Canadian fiddlers perform during the Opening Ceremony of the XXI Olympic Winter Games, Feb. 12, 2010, at BC Place stadium in Vancouver. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the wake of extreme heat, droughts, and Hurricane Sandy, many people are assuming that, at last, there may be the critical mass of extreme weather events that will tip public opinion towards action on climate change. This is based on the long held assumption that extreme climate events will increase awareness and concern- and this would seem logical considering that climate change suffers as an issue from distance and a consequent lack of salience. Disasters may very well do the opposite and provide proof of the worth of the existing social system- including the existing worldview and lifestyle.  The spirit of pulling together and moving on generates a consensus to suppress divisive issues and support the existing society. Areas of contention or disagreement are likely to be suppressed in the interests of social and the respect of people who have offered kindness and generosity. After all, if you’re current society and economic status has served you well in a crisis you are surely less willing to accept change.


Climate change or Global Warming awareness is complex and strongly mediated by socially attitudes. I suggest that there are some counter conditions – especially in the early stages of climate impacts. It is important that we recognize that many of today’s social and cultural obstacles to belief are not removed by major impacts and may, indeed, be reinforced. The 2010 Vancouver Olympics has gone green and raising the bar with high flying sustainability initiatives. The Olympics Games was the greenest games in history. The Olympic committee, along with many national organizations and corporate sponsors, had been planning on launching eco-friendly games for years. The focus being that sustainability is important to all. In the case of these Winter Olympic Games set in Whistler, Vancouver sustainability means managing the environment, the social and economical impacts, and the opportunities of the games so as to produce lasting benefits both locally and globally. The Olympic committee recognizes that local and global sustainability challenges and opportunities can be met, and that to do this we must look back at the past and forward into the future. Here are some unique ways the dedicated committees are making a positive difference. The move towards a green Olympics started by thinking sustainability. The committee expanded their education and programs in this area. Sustainability videos were launched on their website to raise awareness and state their plans. An entertaining animated video to educate and raise environmental awareness for all was created for the Olympics and will be played at the event. It is currently available on the official Olympic website. (


The current cycle of Global Warming is changing the cycles of climate that all living things have come to rely upon. What can we do to slow this warming? How will we cope with the changes we’ve already set into motion? While we struggle to figure it all out, the face of Mother Earth as we know it – coasts, forests, farms, and snow capped mountains – hangs in the balance.






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