Posted by: Chuck | April 13, 2013

The Looney Tune North Koreans and the disputed South China Sea

The South China Sea coast at Hainan.

The South China Sea coast at Hainan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good day friends, a very good day to all from the Philippines. I hope this day will be a good day for each of you. I am blessed with my wife and her family. Now to the bad news, the North Korean leaders are still itching for a fight with their finger on the missile launch button. I wonder what these guys are smoking or did someone put a red-hot steel poker in their behind? They are playing with fire that no one with a half mind wants, especially some poor farmer in the north as he works his rice fields to feed his family. Just think maybe they all drink some hopped up Looney Tune juice… All I have to say, “Guys get a life!” Wake up and smell the roses. Here at the Big House the sun is shining with few puffy white clouds in the blue sky above and our air conditioners are at full speed. My wife Beng is as always a cheery person to be with, we both are looking forward to Junior coming home and his safe return this coming weekend.

Vietnam has accused a Chinese vessel of firing a flare on a Vietnamese fishing boat that set its cabin alight in the disputed South China Sea, where rival claims to gas-rich waters have strained relations between the countries. The Vietnamese government did not say if anyone was injured in the incident last Wednesday but called it “very serious.” It lodged a formal complaint with the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi. The fishing boat was near the Parcel islands when an unidentified Chinese vessel chased it and fired the flare, the government said in a statement issued late Monday.

Hanoi demanded that China punish those responsible and pay reparations to the fishermen whose boat was damaged. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China had taken unspecified but “legitimate and reasonable” actions against Vietnamese boats working illegally in Chinese waters. He denied that any boats had been damaged, but gave few other details. There have been other clashes in the waters, often related to claims of illegal fishing or violations of Chinese unilaterally imposed fishing moratoriums. Vietnam and China each claim large parts of the South China Sea. The Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei also maintain that parts of the sea are theirs. The profile of the long-running disputes has been raised in recent years because of China’s economic and military growth and subsequent American interest. The Parcels, which were occupied by China shortly before the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, is a particular flashpoint. China last year incorporated the Parcels and most of its other South China Sea claims within the newly declared Sansha city-level administrative unit as way of raising the region’s profile and increasing funds for infrastructure and economic development. China is also boosting its civilian fisheries and maritime surveillance patrols in the area. China’s navy also conducts missions in the South China Sea, although it has sought to keep military units out of conflict zones to avoid elevating tensions.

A beautiful world can only be seen thru the eyes of a happy heart. Always have a happy heart to see the beauty God made especially for you.



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