Posted by: Chuck | April 15, 2013

A big welcome from the Big House in Danao


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Good day friends I woke up this morning to the smile from my wife while at the same time I learn some of her likes and dislikes. She never complains to me but goes on with sweet disputation. Today Junior never made it home to my great suspire but the plan now is for him to here this coming Wednesday with a new helper to help Beng in her housework. At times I feel like Gomer Pyle saying, “Suspire, suspire…” and life goes on here at the Big House. I hope today brings a smile to you and you each have a good day. Yesterday I posted youtube videos about the terrible problem about piracy on the high seas, if not there is always the problems of the Jews hating the Arab or is the Arabs hating the Jew – I am not sure. The North Koreans are still monkeying around with their missiles of doom. Let’s not forget the red dragon of China wanting their fair share of the pie, come hell or high water. Again, let’s forget Japan vs. China, I firmly believe we will see a war between those two countries. The Japanese are not welcomed in China since World War Two. Of course the Koreans are not welcome here in the Philippines. Have you ever noticed negative emotion secretes acid in your body, and acid destroys the vessel, which contains it. Negative emotions like anger, frustration and disappointment are visiting emotions. The consolation being, they rise in you when an event happens and then they die down once you are distracted into the other events. Hatred is a progressive negative emotion. It gains depth with the passage of time. The more you process your hurt the more you deepen your hatred, and as a result more acid is released in your system. It remains a lingering background. In fact, the hurt you suffered from the event is insignificant compared to how much you keep intensifying the hurt by repeatedly reprocessing what had happened or what was done to you. Hatred takes you away from your real you. You cease to feel, think and act as you. The ‘hated’ now becomes the hero of your mind and heart, literally remote controlling how you feel, think and act.

Every man will face the consequences of his own doing. You do not make yourself wrong to prove that the other is wrong. Give up your need to prove that the other is wrong. It changes nothing about your life. Give up your need to prove that you have been victimized. It still changes nothing about your life. You have nothing to prove. Something happened to teach you something. Learn the lessons and just move on.

May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

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