Posted by: Chuck | April 21, 2013

Just a reminder to you

Foreigners are targets from the moment they step off the plane or boat. Compare to the National Geographic/Animal Kingdom film of the migrating or moving herd of elk/caribou and the wolves on the rear and flanks waiting to harvest the slow, the weak, the newborn, the injured, the inexperienced, the disoriented, the strays. The nibblers strike first: the taxi drivers, then the pickpockets and snatch-and-run experts, and on it goes through the pimps, beggars, and pay-for-play persons who take advantage of drunken helpers, and the list goes on.

Once you move into a house your location is well known within a day or two by the persons who will evaluate it and you and yours for a residential burglary. It may not happen for a long time but even the alert that have safeguards can or will let their guard down to outsiders who are observant. Sometimes the robbery takes the form of a daylight break in… on a par with the armed on the street robberies that sometimes happens here in the Philippines. And then there are the insiders… the “helper” and her boyfriends or the cook/gardener/ driver who was fired or who has itchy fingered relatives who get insider information about when you are on vacation…..or gone to a 2 hour movie. Foreigners are irresistible targets. Most Filipinos look alike to them so can’t give a good description. Many foreigners will not report the robbery knowing there is little chance of recovery and who wants to go to court and testify against scum bags that have scum bag relatives to revenge their incarceration. The thoughts of all that perceived wealth just lying there to be taken; many will not be able to resist.There are so many foreigners in some areas that many will not fall victim for a long time… when their time comes and the thieves get around to them, so it is easy to think it will never happen to me. There are some who live in province rural areas who will be relatively isolated from these happenings if surrounded by local relatives, neighbors, etc—they are the exceptions.May the peace of the Lord be with you always.



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