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Breaking: Police: 5 Dead in Shooting in Federal Way 22 Apr 2013 Police say five people are dead in a shooting at an apartment complex south of Seattle, including a suspect who was shot by officers responding to the chaotic scene. Federal Way police spokeswoman Cathy Schrock says officers responded to a 9:30 p.m. emergency call in Federal Way of shots being fired… Schrock says officers then opened fire. The man was killed but it wasn’t immediately clear if it was from police gunfire.

G.O.P. Lawmakers Push to Hold Boston Suspect as Enemy Combatant 22 Apr 2013 Some Republican lawmakers want President Obama to declare the surviving Boston bombing suspect an enemy combatant in order to question him without a lawyer and other protections of the criminal justice system, intensifying a recurring debate over how to handle terrorism cases arising inside the United States. But while the suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a naturalized American citizen, is a Muslim, there is no known evidence suggesting that he is part of Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh]. The Obama administration has said it thinks terrorism suspects arrested inside the United States should be handled exclusively in the criminal justice system. It has indicated no intention to do otherwise in Mr. Tsarnaev’s case, but the issue is taking on political currency, underscoring a major divide on national security legal policy.

Boston bomb suspect reported to be awake 22 Apr 2013

The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has regained consciousness and is responding to questions in writing, according to USA Today. Tsarnaev is in a Boston hospital and unable to speak because of a gunshot injury to the throat. Authorities have suggested the bullet wound may have been self-inflicted by the suspect in order to avoid capture. Earlier in on Sunday, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said that Tsarnaev was not in any condition to be interrogated.

Stricken Boston bomb suspect under guard, awaits charges 21 Apr 2013 Federal prosecutors prepared criminal charges on Sunday against the 19-year-old suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings who was seriously wounded, unable to speak, and under heavy guard at a city hospital two days after his dramatic capture. Investigators could not interview Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as they searched for clues to what may have driven him and his brother, ethnic Chechens who came to the United States 10 years ago, to plant the bombs, and whether anyone else was involved. The suspect was watched by armed guards in the intensive care unit of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where his brother was pronounced dead early on Friday.

Police were monitoring Boston bomber suspects ‘at every step’ – parents — Boston bombing suspect, suspected ‘extremist,’ was under FBI surveillance for ‘at least three years’20 Apr 2013 One of the two men suspected of being behind the Boston Marathon bombings was under FBI surveillance as a suspected “extremist” for at least three years, according to his parents. As questions were raised about how well known Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were to federal investigators, their mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, said that the FBI had spoken to the family regularly “They were telling me that Tamerlan was really an extremist leader and they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremists’ sites.” She added that the police were monitoring her son “at every step”.

‘They were set up, FBI followed them for years’ – Tsarnaevs’ mother 20 Apr 2013
With the 24-hour manhunt for the second suspect of the Boston bombing closed,
RT remembers its conversation with the parents of the Tsarnaev brothers, who
claimed all along their children were set up. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva maintains her
younger son is innocent and like so many of the brothers’ acquaintances, claims
they were good, courteous kids and model students – especially the younger 19-year-old Dzhokhar. A US citizen who is presently in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, she revealed to RT some suspicions of her own… But her biggest suspicion surrounding the case was the constant FBI surveillance she said her family was subjected to over the years. She is surprised that having been so stringent with the entire family, the FBI had no idea the sons were supposedly planning a terrorist act.

Boston Marathon explosions: Show us the evidence, says Toronto aunt of bombing suspects — Aunt of bombing suspects ‘knew them as angels’ and does not believe they were responsible for the attack. 19 Apr 2013 In the lobby of her Etobicoke apartment building, the aunt of the two Boston bombing suspects shouted one word over and over as reporters questioned her about her nephews — one dead, the other leading police on a chase Friday that effectively shut down Boston. “Evidence,” Maret Tsarnaeva said repeatedly, her voice high with emotion. “I can’t lightly accept this kind of accusations without supporting evidence. Forgive me, but I cannot.” Tsarnaeva, is aunt to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, and his older brother Tamerlan, 26. “I don’t know them in a way that they could be capable of this,” she said. She would not rule out the possibility that the photos showing the brothers at the scene had been staged

First terror drill at U.S.nuclear plant a success: officials — Drill ‘coincidentally’ scheduled one day after Boston Bombings [also a drill] 19 Apr 2013 The first simulated test of a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant was a success, federal officials said on Friday of the event that was coincidentally scheduled a day after the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday. The test’s location at Three Mile Island outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – the site of the worst commercial nuclear accident in U.S.history – had no special significance, according to state and federal
officials. The test on Tuesday simulated an attack by a group of eight armed men, according to Peter Herrick Jr., spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Firefighters Tackle Nuclear Power Plant Blaze — Smoke billows from power station that is just 2.5miles from Hartlepool20 Apr 2013 (UK) Firefighters have extinguished a fire at a nuclear power station. Ten appliances were called to a blaze at Hartlepool Power Station after being alerted to what the fire service described as a “small fire”. Cleveland Police said several emergency procedures were activated as smoke was seen billowing from the scene. A spokesman for Cleveland Police said:”There have been no injuries as a result of the blaze.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Suspend Constitution for Boston Marathon Suspect and Designate Him Enemy Combatant 19 Apr 2013 In a series of tweets posted by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham on Friday, the conservative, ‘strict constructionist’ argued that nineteen-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev-suspected of being one of the Boston Marathon terrorists and taken into custody on Friday evening-should be treated as an enemy combatant and denied his due process rights under the Constitution.Were the Administration to follow Graham’s advice, Tsarnaev would forever be denied his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and to have the counsel of an attorney. I say ‘forever denied’ because Mr. Tsarnaev will not be getting his Miranda warnings for a period of time even without declaring him an enemy combatant.

Breaking News from the White House

20 Apr 2013 The Obama administration’s announcement that it would question the Boston Marathon bombing suspect for a period without first reading him the Miranda warning of his right to remain silent and have a lawyer present has revived a constitutionally charged debate over the handling of terrorism cases in the criminal justice system. The administration’s effort to stretch a gap in the Miranda rule for questioning about immediate threats to public safety has alarmed advocates of individual rights.”The public safety exception to Miranda should be a narrow and limited one, and it would be wholly inappropriate and unconstitutional to use it to create the case against the suspect,” Anthony Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said. “The public safety exception would be meaningless if interrogations are given an open-ended time horizon.”

Justice official: No reading of Miranda rights –Boston bombing suspect to be questioned by special interrogation team for ‘high-value suspects 19 Apr 2013 A Justice Department official says the Boston Marathon bombing suspect will not be read his Miranda rights because the government is invoking a public safety exception. That official and a second person briefed on the investigation says 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be questioned by a special interrogation team for high-value suspects. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to disclose the information publicly.

Bombing suspect captured after military-police lock down of Boston 20 Apr 2013 In the space of a few hours, a major American city was transformed into a virtual armed camp and placed under the equivalent of martial law. The massive scale of the military and police mobilization-replete with Blackhawk helicopters, armored vehicles with machine guns, and SWAT teams pointing automatic weapons—seemed vastly disproportionate to the threat posed by one teenage youth…Particularly in Watertown, police went house to house, carrying out searches with assault rifles drawn. The New York Times commented, “Watertown found itself an odd combination of ghost town and police state on Friday morning.”

London Marathon to run under heightened security 21 Apr 2013 The London Marathon takes place Sunday amid a heightened police presence following the Boston Marathon bomb attacks — and a moment of silence to remember those killed and wounded. World-class athletes and fun-runners alike are to stand in silence for 30 seconds at 10:00am (0900 GMT) before the starter’s flag drops on the elite men’s and mass races. Scotland Yard police headquarters decided to boost the number of officers by 40 percent — no numbers have been given — following the Boston attacks on Monday.

US to give $123 million military aid package to Syrian ‘rebels’ 20 Apr 2013 As Syria’s opposition forces and their main international allies meet in Istanbul, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has announced that the US will double its non-lethal military aid to Syria’s rebels [aka for the most part, CIA-backed terrorists]. The US*123 million defense aid package was announced by Kerry at the meeting in the Turkish capital on Sunday. The Secretary of State said the new non-lethal military supplies would go beyond the current provisions of food rations and medical kits, but did not elaborate.Since February the US has shipped food and medical supplies to the Free Syrian Army, which has so far cost an estimated US*117 million, according to the White House.

Obama accused of nuclear U-turn as guided weapons plan emergesPlan to spend $10bn on updating nuclear bombs goes against 2010 pledge not to deploy new weapons, say critics

21 Apr 2013 Barack Obama has been accused of reneging on his disarmament pledges after it emerged the administration was planning to spend billions on upgrading nuclear bombs stored in Europe to make the weapons more ‘reliable and accurate.’ Under the plan, nearly 200 B61 gravity bombs stockpiled in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Turkey would be given new tail fins that would turn them into guided weapons that could be delivered by stealth F35 fighter-bombers. “This will be a significant upgrade of the US nuclear capability in Europe,” said Hans Kristensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of Nuclear Scientists. “It flies directly in the face of the pledges Obama made in 2010 that he would not deploy new weapons.”

US tax dollars at work: Israel says drones to eventually replace manned aircraft 21 Apr 2013 A high-ranking Israeli Air Force officer said Israel aims to develop drones that can execute nearly every battlefield operation performed today by piloted aircraft. The official said that Israel’s military industry is on the path to developing such technology within 40 to 50 years. The officer, who works in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle intelligence, spoke Sunday in a rare interview to The Associated Press.

North Korea moves two more missile launchers: report 20 Apr 2013 North Korea has moved two short-range missile launchers to its east coast, apparently indicating it is pushing ahead with preparations for a test launch, a South Korean news agency reported on Sunday. An unidentified South Korean military source told the South’s Yonhap news agency that satellite imagery showed that North Korean forces had moved two mobile missile launchers for short-range Scud missiles to South Hamgyeong province. The North moved two mid-range Musudan missiles in early April and placed seven mobile launchers in the same area, Yonhap said.

H7N9 Bird Flu Cases In China Top 100; Deaths Reach 20 21 Apr 2013 The number of confirmed H7N9 bird flu cases in China increased by five to 101 today, according to the official Xinhua news agency.Two new deaths were reported, bringing the total to 20. The outbreak has been concentrated in eastern China.The two latest deaths were in Zhejiang Province, already one of the most-hit areas.

Rightwing Billionaire Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers — Papers could serve as broader platform for Kochs’ laissez-faire ‘ideas’ 21 Apr 2013 Three years ago, Charles and David Koch, the billionaire industrialists [terrorists] and supporters of libertarian causes, held a seminar of like-minded, wealthy political donors at the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colo. They laid out a three-pronged, 10-year strategy to shift the country toward a smaller government with less regulation and taxes. Now, Koch Industries, the sprawling private company of which Charles G. Koch serves as chairman and chief executive, is exploring a bid to buy the Tribune Company’s eight regional newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, The Orlando Sentinel and The Hartford Courant… Koch Industries is among those interested, said several people with direct knowledge of the sale who spoke on the condition they not be named.



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