Posted by: Chuck | April 26, 2013

The average Filipino daily life is a struggle

English: Aerial view of General Santos Interna...

English: Aerial view of General Santos International Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello friends here I am in the Big House greeting you from the Philippines. I wish you all the best on this day. As you might already know we’re in the middle of a heat wave and to top the ever growing heat here in Danao we are experiencing a brown out from the electrical company. Yesterday I posted for you the poverty faced here. It’s a big problem that goes hand in hand with the poor economic and not enough to eat. The biggest challenges for the average Filipino is finding food to put on the dinner table everyday. Most rice here is not grown here but it comes from Vietnam by the boat load. When I moved here one 100 kilo sack of rice cost roughly Php 2,500, today the same sack of rice runs about Php 6,000 but wages or the standard of living has not kept pace. Everything from Mac Computers to Big Mac’s at the local McDonald is imported. The Japanese and China send their manufacture goods here that are generally not to the best standard. The average Filipino daily life is a struggle. All that said and done I am going to write some about family here… Beng has her hands full worrying about her old fart, Junior and her Mother living downstairs. I for one will happy for her, seeing she’ll sister and favorite in General Santos, this morning we talked briefly she wants to fly there from Cebu. This gives Junior a chance to see where was born and to visit with relieves before going on to the states in August. My draft of my book is coming on okay, I have over 6,000 words written as of last night… the text is taken from today’s headlines, the effects after Nuclear attack on L.A. and the west coast of America, and what the survivors face to survive.

English: Skyline of Cebu City

English: Skyline of Cebu City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things I love about the Philippines is the fact that freedom is a reality. There are no endless unnecessary rules and regulations. The first priority of the government is not to see what you can be charged with. Products are not regulated to the point where the regulation infrastructure adds so much cost they are no longer affordable. I know many who are glad not to be living under those circumstances. Life here is dangerous, you should be careful. I do believe that the Philippines are the way they are and will stay that way for a long time to come precisely because the people in power love it just the way it is. Nationalism is as good a way as any for these big shots and the elite as they represent to divert people’s attention from the real issue, which is why the Philippines remains poor, as much of the rest of Asia moves forward.

I hope of each of you have good day wherever you’re at. God holds the future in His hands with sufficient grace day by day. Through His goodness, He gently leads our journey hand in hand.



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