Posted by: Chuck | April 29, 2013

No Power No Free Chickens here!

Good morning folks wherever you are. I awoke to another brownout without air conditioners pumping out cool air. As hot it is you’d think the power company would or could their act together. But when you have politicians and/or their best friends running the show, we have show time without electrical power which happens to be another ever growing problem of “BROWNOUTS.” It’s very hot here as we wait for the power… brownouts and Internet hiccups go together like a horse and carriage. Yesterday we had no brownouts and the usual problems with Smart our Internet provider – off/on and slow, very slow. And life goes on here in the Big House; everyone is in good cheer here… Beng awoke me up this morning with a kiss and smile. Junior our champion was helpful yesterday is sleeping like a baby. I pray to God, “Please give us the strength to get through this day and let of us not have a heat stroke.”

Arroyo taking her Oath of Office for a full te...

Arroyo taking her Oath of Office for a full term as president in Cebu City on June 30, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MANILAPresident Benigno Aquino III blamed anew his predecessor, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, this time for the power crisis in Mindanao. In Ozamiz City where he was campaigning for the Team PNoy candidates, Aquino said the former administration did not budge for more than nine years even if they were aware of the problems in Mindanao.

Aquino said a power plant will not go online immediately even if the one in position decides to say so. He also noted the 300-megawatt coal-fired power plant of Aboitiz Power Corporation in Davao could have been online by 2014 if not for questions from several stakeholders. Noting that the region sources its energy needs from hydropower plants, Aquino said the past administration did not resolve the illegal logging problems there which has led to disasters.

Aquino acknowledged that the crisis in Mindanao is now being blamed on his administration.

Nonetheless, Aquino promised that he is now taking things in his own hands, promising that the crisis will be over by 2015. He even sees a surplus of power by the end of his term.




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