Posted by: Chuck | May 2, 2013

Philippine Navy Sailor’s Heart “IF I DIE YOUNG”

Published on Sept.  7, 2012

To All The Hard Working Navy Sailor’s

Our love for the sea only exceeds our need to protect it, and our unique geography as an archipelagic nation compels us to acknowledge the advantages and challenges that come with being a nation surrounded and brought together by water.

With 1,250,000 square kilometers of oceanic waters defining the country’s territory, it is important for the Philippines to have a strong, efficient and dependable Navy. More, importantly, the Philippine Navy should have the vision and the resources needed to realize its role as Guardian of the Philippine seas.

Over the past 109 years of its existence, the Philippine Navy’s organizational structure has undergone changes to fulfill its various roles and functions. Today, it is composed of two-type commands, the Philippine Fleet and the Philippine Marine Corps , six operational commands well distributed across the archipelago, and various other units-all performing the Navy’s role not only as guardian of the seas, but also as protector of the sovereignty of the Philippines.

At present, the Philippine Navy is a force of 21,957 personnel composed of sailors, marines and civilian employees. These capable and dedicated men and women perform their best to make do with the present resources and capabilities of the Navy. However, if the Navy is to fulfill its responsibilities and develop its capabilities to the maximum in pursuit of its mission as guardian of the country’s seas, the present state of affairs



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