Posted by: Chuck | May 10, 2013

Taxes and the Russians are coming

Division of Europe during the Cold War. Blue =...

Division of Europe during the Cold War. Blue = US led NATO, Red = USSR led Warsaw pact. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good day friends, its hot – no it’s very hot here in Danao, I never thought it could get as hot as it is now. Of course, if I lived in Alaska I’d probably bitch and complain about the cold. You aren’t probably not complaining about the heat but are bitching about sky high taxes on gasoline fuel to drive to work and let’s not forget the politicians both the local guys and those SOBs living high on the hog in Washington. I am sure you feel isolated when the politicians forget to do they promise in the last election. Whether Republican or Democrat most have no conscience… Those idiots in the White House, and in the Kremlin, and in Number 10 Downing Street and most the First World governments make dumb mistakes when it comes to the Third World.

I was never interested in sports, now or back in the glory days of high school. As I remember then, most all the football jocks had the cream of the crop when it came to girls, but to me they were nothing but glory boys wanting attention. 

The Russians use to rule half of Europe after the Second World War. They controlled Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and dozens other countries, some became independent while others were formed out of the ruins of the USSR. The USSR might be called Union, but it wasn’t Soviet or Socialist or remotely Republican. It was a prison camp for one half of Europe and a deadly menace to the rest. It fell apart because the communist make lousy planners; even they went as far as to falsified feedback and reports – we won and declared victory. We win the Cold War without firing a shot. The Russians didn’t see it that way. They hit rock bottom during the Clinton years and started to climb back up again. They pushed through a series of reforms, to rebuild their economic and then to rebuild their military. They are the only serious threat to America’s existence, but the United States didn’t/doesn’t take them too serious. In 2011 Russia realized they were in better position then what they thought. 


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