Posted by: Chuck | May 11, 2013

Russia support in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan

The military has to be the planner of all planners. Every so often the media will discover the military is going invade so and so country, (or you can insert your favorite enemy country here…). The Pentagon is supposed to have a plan on anything to do. Would you believe they even have a plan for alien invasion?

Pre-1989 division between the "West"...

Pre-1989 division between the “West” (grey) and “Eastern Bloc” (orange) superimposed on current borders: Russia (dark orange), other countries formerly part of the USSR (medium orange), members of the Warsaw Pact (light orange), and other former Communist regimes not aligned with Moscow (lightest orange). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 9/11 the Russians realized they were in a stronger position than they thought. We needed them, and they didn’t need us… pure and simple. Since then they have become more confident pulling former satellites into their orbit and they invaded Georgia. There is a ton of stuff written about that war, most of it missed the point – the writing was on the wall, Russia is back. They kicked the hell out of the Georgians, and NATO did nothing. The Russians were back in Eastern Europe.

America needed them, desperately to assist the USA. Pakistan was falling into chaos. America needed supply lines through Russian controlled areas to supply military forces in Afghanistan. America needed them in Iran, the Russians had no problem helping the West – they regarded the Iranians with the attitude as the KKK has for the NAACP, but nothing for nothing in this world comes without a price. They gave us want we needed for a price and that price was selling out Eastern Europe.


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