Posted by: Chuck | May 12, 2013

Save our World

Please don’t send your COD warheads to me…

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico...

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico Deutsch: Blitz eines Gewitters Español: Tormenta eléctrica. Português: A eletricidade em sua manifestação natural mais imponente: o relâmpago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Natural disasters are frequent. People are still living in tents after Hurricane Sandy. They lived in trailers or shacks for years after Katrina. Rising rivers, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts and snowstorms affect our lives for days or months and sometimes for years. We all must be able to survive. How many people can the federal or state government rescue at once? These sort of disasters has shown it is very few. Modern technology is run on electricity. Without technology and electricity how can we survive?  The food we eat and the products we use are brought in by trucks and rail. All its cargo is controlled by electronic technology. This technology is controlled by electricity. But if that changed how would we live? Could we survive? These disasters can take people away.

Job loss or the lack of income can affect anyone or any family. If you look around, we have seen the financial collapse in Greece and other European countries that has shown how fragile economics are.

You pay by cash or by using a plastic credit card with a magnetically encoded stripe embedded on it that connects you to your bank. Almost everything you do daily is run on technology. This today’s technology is run by electricity.

Modern day survivalist might say, “Beans and guns.” I am not ready to wait in a hole in the ground for the End of the World with my MRE rations, my trusty assault weapon, and I hope enough toilet paper.


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