Posted by: Chuck | May 13, 2013

The dance of the Red Bear

During the Cold War the Western Europeans were terrified there would be nuclear war fought in Europe. Victory would meanness if it met the complete devastation of Europe; they had two goals; defending against the Soviets and restraining America. They couldn’t stand up to the USSR and they needed America, and they knew they couldn’t survive a nuclear war fought on European soil. The Russian president, Putin started exporting large amounts of Russian energy to the West. All of a sudden resistance to the Russians meant freezing in the cold by     European citizens.

A U.S. Navy P-2 of VP-18 flying over a Soviet ...

A U.S. Navy P-2 of VP-18 flying over a Soviet freighter during the Cuban Missile Crisis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Russian government has decided to never to be humiliated by the West again. They had been marginalized after the end of the Cold War and they are now determined not to suffer that again. The Russians had taken Ukraine and Belarus back into their orbit. They hate American ballistic missiles in Poland; in fact the Russians hated it – comparing it to our own Cuban Missile Crisis. The Red Bear has military forces stationed on the Polish border with these forces aimed straight to Warsaw. President Putin’s government has told Poland to evict us. In turn Poland has screamed at Washington, Brussels and the UN. The UN has no army besides the Russians have the veto. NATO has been nothing but a talking house since the end of the Cold War. The Russians has deployed tactical nuclear warheads mounted on cruise missiles against carriers.

I think China has the largest army in the world although some other communist countries have a large percentage of their population in uniform or in the reserves; America’s military is the most powerful. 


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