Posted by: Chuck | May 14, 2013

The World has gone insane

Image of worldwide nuclear weapons programs.

Image of worldwide nuclear weapons programs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My biggest concern today is not the Russian Bear or the Chinese Dagon but the North Koreans launching warhead strike against Japan, South Korea and for good measure the American forces in Guam. My question is will the Russians, the Chinese, the South Koreans or the Americans panic first? We shouldn’t forget Taiwan in the strew. Another question will these countries start missile around like a kid tossing firecrackers? It will be definitely suicide. I am sorry to say that I feel numb when I when I think about it.

All of sudden there is Fallout, Refugees, Panic, Riots and Food Shortages.

Should a nuclear war occur you can depend that cities will be trashed; pretty much the government has been totaled. The hospitals and medical centers will be out and destroyed. Law and Order will be just a memory. There won’t be a single fire anywhere but several fires going at one time. The streets will be filled with wreckage of incinerated cars and fallen buildings – the streets will probably be totally blocked. Complete devastation.

Yes I am horrified to think of such thing as a terrible nuclear war, with no winners or losers.

A nuclear has five components; light, heat, blast, radiation and EMP. If you want more information, you can find in a text book at your local library. College kids have build nuclear bombs without the nuclear material to set one off. I am not sure if I approve this kind of information being freely available, but no one has ask me my opinion. Luckily, the material making the bomb go BOOM is quite hard to find than it sounds.



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