Posted by: Chuck | May 15, 2013

For Better or Worse

A South Korean checkpoint in the Korean Demili...

A South Korean checkpoint in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Tensions between North Korea and South Korea have not improved since the signing of the armistice in 1953. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deep in the underground tunnels of North Korea you’ll find the research and mentoring departments of that country. These departments mentor the national security of that nation’s nuclear preparedness. They serve as North Korea’s eyes and ears protecting twenty nuclear facilities at eighteen sites, including the Soviet built reactor at Yongbyon, their center of atomic science. This ultra secret facility with high the computers, and up to date projection screens are mounted on thick reinforced steel concrete walls.

Today North Korea is the most militarized army in the world with one million men under arms. This army is dedicated to maintaining national security at all costs, but its equipment is out dated and short of combat experience. The North Korean soldiers are short of ammunition and are malnourished. And most the army is occupying guarding the DMZ and costal approaches of the country. The North Korea stands alone as Russia and China openly trade with its nicer twin South Korea.

North Korea and weapons of mass destruction

North Korea and weapons of mass destruction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

America knows nothing about North Korea’s nuclear strategy – nothing at all. Until recently, America had never addressed the threat of their warhead/missile launch strike capability. Moreover the United States strives to maintain peace.

Obama accused of nuclear U-turn as guided weapons plan emergesPlan to spend $10bn on updating nuclear bombs goes against 2010 pledge not to deploy new weapons, say critics 21 Apr 2013 Barack Obama has been accused of reneging on his disarmament pledges after it emerged the administration was planning to spend billions on upgrading nuclear bombs stored in Europe to make the weapons more ‘reliable and accurate.’ Under the plan, nearly 200 B61 gravity bombs stockpiled in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Turkey would be given new tail fins that would turn them into guided weapons that could be delivered by stealth F35 fighter-bombers. “This will be a significant upgrade of the US nuclear capability in Europe,” said Hans Kristensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of Nuclear Scientists. “It flies directly in the face of the pledges Obama made in 2010 that he would not deploy new weapons.”

A nuclear strike is unthinkable and doesn’t make sense.




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