Posted by: Chuck | May 24, 2013

Is the Philippine Peso in trouble? Is the World in trouble?

dark green - free float regime, light green - ...

dark green – free float regime, light green – Managed float regime, blue – different types of currency peg (Linked exchange rate, fixed exchange rate, Currency board, fixed/crawling peg, fixed/crawling band), red – direct usage of foreign currency; dependencies that use the currency of their “mainland” colored the same as the respective state. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good day friends; Fiends you can walk boldly without being crippled by fear. Make yourself strong and courageous it’s in your power to do what you want to do. Do not to tremble or be dismayed by anything, because He is with you wherever you may go. That is such an encouragement, and it’s absolutely true! You should be walking around in life without even the slightest amount of fear, because that is not the nature God gave you. You should refuse to be defeated by the things around you, even if they seem insurmountable. Perhaps one definition of courage might be staying strong and moving forward, even when most would give up and even surrender their ground to fear. Be strong and courageous today for God and do not allow yourself to be defeated by fear or the unknown!

If the peso doesn’t lose much more during the next few months and with the year end trend, but not always, the exchange to fall below 40 to 1. Personally, I don’t think we will every see the mid 60’s again with the peso? Or will the dollar reaching its former glory. The below might have something to do with that, if the situation takes hold in the Far East. With all the upheaval in the Far East, this might be something else to watch? Messing with a Countries currency might be like a bloodless war?? Iran being the 4th largest exporter of oil, it would only take one or two other Countries coming aboard, to make the U.S. dollar worth even less from my point of view.

Rising gas prices, a worldwide food shortage, and tightening of financial markets have served to rein in the currency exchange markets, and reduce volatility. In English, this means the exchange markets should be pretty stable the rest of the year, and trade in a narrow range. Barring any more terrorist attacks on US soil, the nuking of any rogue state, global warming putting us under water or the Lord returning to take over, the exchange rate should be within 41:1 to 43:1 the rest of the year.



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