Posted by: Chuck | May 27, 2013

Hey Jew or is it Hey Joe?

English: Colon Street in Cebu City, Philippines.

English: Colon Street in Cebu City, Philippines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello friends, here is the straight scoop from the Big House. Yesterday we finally got a new helper here in the Big House, his name is Tony and he’s from Cebu City. I hope he last longer than Big Boy did but I am not holding my breath. Have you ever noticed that life is like a Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich?

Folks besides my wife. One of the things I love about the Philippines is family ties. My wife’s family and so many of her friends have close family ties. It is something I never experienced until I moved here. First is always her family… Magic happens when Beng’s Papa tell his oldest stories.  Everyone listens as weaves his story and he enjoys what he’s best at. Now Mama Vera is legendary in our little city. Mama at times is as tough a drill sergeant but she always has the heart of an angel.

When I first arrived here, on several occasions I was greeted by young people saying, “Hello Jew.” At first I would shake my head and smile back at them. But after six or seven months I was tired of being greeted by “Hey Jew,” or “Hello Jew.” Soon I began replying in good humor, “No wrong religion, I’m a good Presbyterian.” But this didn’t seem to help. And then suddenly like a bolt of lighting striking me it finally dawned on me, they weren’t saying “Jew” at all but saying “Joe.” Most people here in Danao just couldn’t pronounce Joe consequently the words came out as Jew. Well, shame on me! Now whenever a person greets me by saying, “Hello Jew,” I know what they are really saying – somehow they just can’t get their tongue around the word Joe. It wasn’t a religion thing at all! Speaking of religion, once again when I first arrived here – one of my wife’s best friend’s teenager son once asked me if I was a Catholic. I didn’t offense since I knew it was naturally teenager curiosity question … Keep from laughing my reply was “I’m good Presbyterian.” Since he had never heard of a Presbyterian, with fawn he then seriously asks me, “Are you a Christian?” I answered, “Yes, yes, I’m just a different favor of the same ice cream.” Thinking it over he shook his head not knowing what I had just said. Chuckling to myself I smiled and told him that it was okay. Ah yes, only in Danao City.



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