Posted by: Chuck | July 8, 2013

Terrorism and violent crime – SECURITY ADVISORY: Southern Mindanao

What comes from man will never last, it’s here today, gone tomorrow. What comes from God will always be the same for all eternity. Invest your life in what pays eternal dividends.

The US Embassy over states the warnings to the extreme to scare anyone form going to anywhere in Mindanao.  That way the less that go there the less chance anything can happen.  If a person does their homework they would see this threat only exists mainly in the extreme south of Mindanao. I said “mainly” it could happen occasionally in other areas but it also could happen in the Visayas or in Luzon.

The Australian Embassy in Manila has advised that, for security reasons, as of 1 July 2013, all travel by Embassy staff to Davao City, Cotabato City and Zamboanga City has been cancelled until further notice.  The New Zealand Embassy has therefore taken the step of implementing the same policy for our own  staff. I recommend you take note of this advice, and to carefully  consider your safety, if you are in, or plan to travel to these locations.  

Concerning a very high threat of terrorism and violent crime in the Visayas, this has never been issued to my knowledge. The Visayas is a very large area, Eastern, Central and Western Visayas. There haven’t been any kidnappings of foreigners reported in the Western Visayas. No very high treat of terrorism or violent crime, either.



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