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BREAKING NEWS – Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings rocket

Cesium soars in water under Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant –Tepco officials now say they do not know why the cesium levels have surged.

English: One of the photos taken at the Fukush...

English: One of the photos taken at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant tour sponsored by the Tokyo Electric Power Company on June 23, 1999. 日本語: 福島第一原発 1999年6月に行われた東京電力主催の見学ツアーにて (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

09 Jul 2013 Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Tuesday reported a surge in radioactive cesium levels in groundwater in an observation well at its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. This signals radioactive contamination is spreading under the disaster-stricken facility. Water sampled from the well Monday contained 9,000 becquerels of cesium-134 per liter and 18,000 becquerels of cesium-137, both about 90 times the levels found Friday, Tepco said. The well is near the turbine building for reactor 2 and about 25 meters from the plant’s harbor. [See also: Tritium soaring in water at Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant 07 Jul 2013.]

Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings rocket

09 Jul 2013 Toxic radioactive substances in groundwater at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have rocketed over the past three days, its operator said, admitting it did not know where the leak was coming from. Samples taken on Monday showed levels of possibly cancer-causing caesium-134 were more than 90 times higher than they were on Friday, at 9,000 becquerels per liter, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) revealed. Levels of caesium-137 stood at 18,000 becquerels per liter, 86 times higher than at the end of last week, the utility said.

Tepco’s ‘Fukushima Fifty’ Leader Yoshida Dies of Cancer

09 Jul 2013 Masao Yoshida, the plant manager who led the fight to bring Japan’s Fukushima atomic station under control during the 2011 nuclear disaster, has died. He was 58. He died on July 9 at a hospital in Tokyo, according to a statement from Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant. The cause was esophageal cancer, the statement said.

Masao Yoshida, boss of nuclear plant who battled Fukushima disaster, dies of cancer

09 Jul 2013 The former boss of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, who stayed at his post to try to tame runaway reactors after the 2011 events, has died of cancer, the operator said. Masao Yoshida, 58, was at the power station on March 11, 2011, when towering waves swamped cooling systems and sparked meltdowns that released plumes of radiation. Mr. Yoshida led the subsequent effort to get the crippled complex under control, as workers battled frequent aftershocks to try to prevent the disaster worsening. Government contingency plans revealed after the event showed how scientists feared a chain reaction if Fukushima spiraled out of control, a scenario that could have seen other nuclear plants engulfed and would have meant evacuating Tokyo.

Asiana Airlines pilots say auto-throttle didn’t maintain landing speed

09 Jul 2013 The pilots flying the Asiana Airlines jetliner that crashed in San Francisco told federal investigators that an automatic throttle — a system akin to a car’s cruise control — had failed to keep the jetliner at the proper speed for landing. The Asiana pilots said in interviews with the National Transportation Safety Board that they had set the auto-throttles to maintain an air speed of 137 knots. That’s a significantly faster speed than the plane actually achieved as it came in for its landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday. As the inquiry entered its fourth day, Deborah A.P. Hersman, chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said investigators were still trying to verify whether the throttles were properly activated.

Pro-Clinton super PAC hires Obama 2012 field organizers

10 Jul 2013 Ready for Hillary, the super PAC pushing a presidential bid by Hillary Rodham Clinton, is joining forces with a firm whose leaders built President Obama’s wildly successful grassroots campaign operation. The PAC announced it has hired 270 Strategies to build a field operation to marshal voter support for a potential 2016 Clinton campaign. The firm’s partners include Jeremy Bird, Obama’s 2012 national field director, and Mitch Stewart, who oversaw the campaign’s operations in battleground states.



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