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Pakistan Navy at their Best. Tomb of Quaid e A...

Pakistan Navy at their Best. Tomb of Quaid e Azam August 14, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

KARACHI: A Chinese Navy hospital ship, dubbed the Peace Ark, is currently on a tour of eight Asian countries to give poor patients free treatment. The ship visited Pakistan where nearly 2,000 patients were treated. The 300-bed hospital ship has been offering state-of-the-art facilities at its various departments, including cardiovascular medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery and dental treatment.

Its purpose is to promote a positive image for the Chinese Navy by treating poor patients. But during its stay in Karachi, it was treating patients from PNS Shifa – a military hospital in the city that offers free treatment to armed forces personnel while charging civilians. Meanwhile, thousands of patients waiting for free treatment at the city’s three government hospitals were ignored.

Dr Saeed Qureshi, medical superintendent at Civil Hospital, said: “We have not been asked to send any patients or refer any patients to that ship, Until and unless that is done so, I don’t think we are in a position to refer patients because visiting naval ships are usually diplomatic and naval activity and until and unless those institutions request that we refer patients to them, we don’t do that.”

USS Rueben James along with Pakistan Navy Ship...

USS Rueben James along with Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Shahjahan and PNS Tippi Sultan are currently participating in Exercise Inspired Siren 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Officials from other government hospitals also complained that the poorest citizens were simply deprived of quality treatment while civilians who able to pay for medical care, benefited. Pakistan Navy officials insist the ship had met its objectives.

The Peace Ark is now set to travel to other countries to push forth a message of harmony.  (Source: Asia Pacific News)



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