Posted by: Chuck | August 23, 2013


Philippines reef dive

Philippines reef dive (Photo credit: Derek Keats)

I have been living in the Philippines for the past 11 years and yes the NPA does live in Danao City and on every island. I have met some who have treated me well and with respect. Some have given me sound advice to avoid having problems with them and it boiled down to showing respect to the people that live in the Philippines and not flashing money or wealth. Come here and enjoy your self you will face crime no matter where you live or go. As for being told not to move to the Philippines and if you research this area you will find crimes against us is very low, I have walked the streets at night and has never had a problem and I know many people that live here. The only thing I find strange so many people will know your name after a while and yes it will be JOE.


Philippines (Photo credit: Wakx)

If you are considering opening a business in the Philippines and there are few places like it there. And if you’re wondering what you must do to open the business. It is in the area of elderly maintenance much like nursing homes, assisted living facilities. If you should need any general or specific knowledge. Specifically, are there requirements for such facilities apart from the standard rules for any business? What kind of restriction would a foreigner experience? The Philippine Retirement Authority, PRA, promotes the Retirement Industry in the Philippines and attracts foreigners as investors; particularly retirement facility operators. You can check out their information page: http://www.pra. investors? page=1

A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart and letting go is not forgetting, it is remembering without fear. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.



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