Posted by: Chuck | August 27, 2013

Indonesian Military Power 2013

Published on May 4, 2013

Indonesia has endured terrorist attacks targeting churches, embassies, nightclubs and luxury hotels for over a decade. While much focus has been on the link between Indonesian terrorist groups and al-Qaeda, terrorism expert and author Solahudin argues that the jihadist movement actually has local origins, dating back to the early years of the country’s independence. In the wake of the 2002 Bali bombing, the former journalist and press activist spent years doing research — interviewing jihadists, reading court documents and scouring religious sources — for a groundbreaking book. The English translation, The Roots of Terrorism in Indonesia: From Darul Islam to Jema’ah Islamiyah, was published this month. Solahudin, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, talks with TIME from Jakarta.

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