Posted by: Chuck | August 31, 2013

Woman to cops: Help! There’s a gator in my tub

Here’s a call police probably don’t get every day: There’s an alligator in my bathtub! But that’s what they heard on Monday when 67-year-old Sarah Boston called to complain that her son was keeping a gator in her tub. Sean Lewis, 45, of Deltona, Fla., who was arrested and charged with poaching, said he got the creature from a female friend several days earlier. He told

English: Alligator in Florida

English: Alligator in Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

his mother he would get rid of it after a few days, according to the police report, which was obtained by Yahoo News. But when those days came and went and the alligator was still in her tub, Boston turned to the police to have it removed. Police noted in the incident report that Lewis said his friend promised to return to retrieve the alligator in a few days and that the alligator was not his. However, when the friend did not return, Lewis made the baby gator a home the tub.

“The tub was partially filled with water and had a cinder block located in the middle to provide a piece of dry land,” the report said. “A light was purposely positioned above the alligator as to provide artificial sunlight.” This led police to determine that “Lewis was intentionally in possession of an alligator.” Lewis was taken into custody and transported to jail. He was released on Tuesday on bond. (Source: Yahoo News 8/22/13)



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