Posted by: Chuck | September 4, 2013

Philippines Rejects Chinese Regime’s New Claims in South China

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The Chinese regime has claimed new sovereignty rights in the South China Sea. One of the two new claims is less than 50 miles from the Philippines province of Palawan—more than 500 miles from China’s nearest coastline.

The Philippine government has dismissed the claims.

The Associated Press reported Energy Undersecretary Jose Layug, Jr. said on Monday the Chinese regime is disputing Philippines’s proposal to embark on oil and gas exploration in the region.

The regime urges the Philippines to revoke its invitation to foreign companies submitting tenders for the right to explore in the region.

The Associated Press cited the regime demanding Philippines to (quote) “refrain from any action that infringes on China’s sovereignty and sovereign rights.”

The South China Sea is believed to have large oil and gas reserves. Besides China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei all stake claims on sections of the sea. China stakes the largest claim.

The Philippines plans to turn to the United Nations for a peaceful resolution.



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