Posted by: Chuck | September 4, 2013


Jeepney in Manila, Philippines

Jeepney in Manila, Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Garishly colored jeepneys are as essential and ever-present in the Philippines as the double-decker busses are in London, or even in Hong Kong. What began as the recycling of US army surplus jeeps left behind after World War 2 has grown into an institution of pop art on wheels. No self-respecting Jeepney driver would allow his beloved vehicle to crawl naked through the streets of Manila or Cebu without a full dressing up since it’s the utmost importance.  The chrome bodies, either buffed to a shine or painted in vibrant colors, exhibit a wealth of bold embellishments, from small nickel stallions on the hood to non-functional festooned with plastic streamers. Religious sayings and graffiti decorate the exterior, but not surprising jeepneys have become popular as advisement billboards for anything. For all intents and purposes, seemly there are no rules no rules dictating where the driver can and cannot stop. Tying up traffic in the middle of the busy street to pick up passengers is a simple fact of life. On the dashboard, where a statue of the Virgin Mary often occupies a place of importance, next to a sign pleading “God Bless our Trip.” Hang on your hat.



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