Posted by: Chuck | September 7, 2013

Obama and Putin talk about Syria

Leaders of the world’s richest countries watched today as President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin began with small talk and then moved to chairs in a corner of the room for a 20 minute mini-summit on Syria. The one-on-one between the two presidents occurred at the G20 summit where Syria was not on the agenda, but has dominated the meeting. Obama’s appeal to the leaders to back American plans for a possible military strike to punish Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons on its own people left the group bitterly divided. The most outspoken opponent of a U.S. attack on Syria has been Putin. Putin approached Obama at one point for small talk during the plenary session and after a few moments the two men agreed to continue talking, according to senior administration official aboard Air Force One. The conversation moved to a corner of the room where they pulled up chairs. The rest of the presidents and prime ministers in the room watched as Obama and Putin conferred for 20 to 30 minutes, the source said. They spoke almost entirely about Syria and how they might work together on Syria, but came to no agreements. The source said it was “not acrimonious.” Putin and Obama have given similar descriptions of their meeting. (Source: ABC News 9/7/13)



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