Posted by: Chuck | September 9, 2013


Hello folks, how you all on this fine day? Living in a third world country is a hard task at times. It’s not for everyone wherever you are from. The mores are far different from any western country. If your kids need new shoes or new clothes to wear don’t feel bad since most here wear beat up flip-flops and used clothes sold in the public market. Most folks are poor and barely keep their family fed. Education is valued here yet most families have to send their kids to work to help support their family. Like anywhere in the world the good, the bad and the ugly live here.

They say that friends are the family we choose for ourselves, and choosing the right friends can significantly improve your life in many ways. In terms of friendship, quality is more important than quantity, and it is important to surround yourself with the right people to boost your happiness. Here are the five types of friends everyone should have. Sometimes in life you come across a person so completely on your wavelength you could have been separated at birth. This is that friend. The finishes-your-sentences friend does exactly what they say on the tin; they know you inside out, you share the same random interests, and they always know exactly what you’re talking about – even when you don’t. Yes, this friend can definitely be annoying at times, but they can also encourage you to reach higher, do better, and live a fuller life if – instead of feeling jealous – you use their success to inspire and motivate your own. The key thing about the motivator is that they should never make you feel bad about your own life, but kindly encourage you to make the most of it, all for your own good.

While this friend is spontaneous and fun, it is best to bear in mind that they may not the best person to go crying to with your problems, as they will most likely make a joke about your breakup and may be far too busy partying to answer that 3am call. However, a little distraction is often what you need, so if you need to take a break from life’s stresses, try giving this friend a call.

It is difficult to walk backwards because our feet are meant to make us move forward. Life is always better if we see what is ahead than look at what is left behind. Forget bad past: bitterness, grudges, hatred and pain. Move on, forgive, love, smile and pray. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.


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