Posted by: Chuck | September 13, 2013

Is Russia toying with US? Missile sale to Iran raises question

Potential delivery of Russia’s S-300 missile system to Iran has been floated in a Moscow paper as the Kremlin seeks leverage in its dispute with the US over Syria.

Russia and the United States may have found common ground on Syria’s chemical weapons, giving President Barack Obama a way to avoid threatened missile strikes and President Vladimir Putin a way to support longtime ally Syria. But the Russians may be playing a more complicated game than the Americans realize, possibly reviving talk of the arms deal with Iran to create added leverage in their ongoing dispute with the US over what to do about Syria. The respected Russian daily Kommersant reported Wednesday that the Kremlin has decided to go ahead with the sale of a package of its advanced S-300 antiaircraft missile system to Iran, reversing a decision made three years ago by then-President Dmitry Medvedev. The Kremlin issued a terse denial, saying that Mr. Putin did not give orders to prepare a new S-300 deal with Iran. (Source: Christian Science Monitor 9/12/13)




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