Posted by: Chuck | September 14, 2013

2013 North Korea earthquake from nuclear blast underground last days final hour news prophecy update

Published on Feb. 12, 2013

August 2013 Last days final hour news prophecy update – South Korea (AP) — North Korea vowed Tuesday to restart all mothballed facilities at its main Yongbyon nuclear complex, adding to tensions already raised by near daily warlike threats against the United States and South Korea.

The reactor was shut down in 2007 as part of international nuclear disarmament talks that have since stalled.

A spokesman for the General Department of Atomic Energy said that the facilities to be restarted are a graphite-moderated 5 megawatt reactor, which generates spent fuel rods laced with plutonium and is the core of the Yongbyon nuclear complex. The reactor, when fully running, is capable of churning out one atomic bomb worth of plutonium — the most common fuel in nuclear weapons a year.

The move will boost fears in Washington and among its allies about North Korea’s push for nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the United States technology.



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