Posted by: Chuck | September 20, 2013


China is willing to provide training and open the Chinese space station to foreign astronauts, senior space flight officials said. We would like to train astronauts from other countries and organizations that have such a demand, and we would be glad to provide trips to foreign astronauts,” said Yang Liwei, deputy director of China Manned Space Agency. We will also welcome foreign astronauts who have received our training to work in our future space station.” Yang, China’s first astronaut, who went into space in 2003, said many countries submitted proposals to the Chinese government during the development of the space station, hoping China would help train their astronauts and then send them to the station to conduct scientific experiments. China and Russia have collaborated on astronaut training, spacecraft technology and extra-vehicular suits, and we are cooperating with our French counterparts on a variety of experiments in astrobiology and space medicine,” he said, adding that Chinese and German scientists also performed astro-biological experiments during the unmanned Shenzhou VIII mission in 2011. (Source: China Daily 9/18/13)



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