Posted by: Chuck | September 22, 2013


Russia is to reestablish its military presence in the resource-rich Arctic by re-opening a Soviet-era base to patrol the increasingly navigable Northern Sea Route, President Vladimir Putin said Monday. Putin said 10 naval ships had arrived at the New Siberian Islands in the Arctic Ocean, as Russia asserts its rights over an area where vast energy resources are becoming more accessible as the sea ice retreats. “Our forces left in 1993, but this is a very important point in the Northern Arctic,” Putin said during a video-conference with defense ministry officials. He said Russia wanted to “ensure the security and effectiveness of work on the Northern Sea Route, so Russia can effectively control this part of its territory.” Russia hopes to exploit the shipping lane, which runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, as a channel for shipments of oil and gas to markets in Asia. (Source: FAP News 9/16/13)



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