Posted by: Chuck | September 23, 2013

Monday Morning – Wake up John and open your eyes

Hello friends, good day to you on the first Monday of a new week. The best advice I read and want to share with you, is learn to value the people around you, because once you lose someone, life will never be the same again. All is quiet here at the Big House in Danao. As you read on this blog or saw on the TV the Philippines experienced a super-big typical. Last week we had Mrs. McGoo and her family came by for visit and then returned to their home in Mindanao. It was good to see them all since they are just super nice family that lights-up this old Irishman’s heart.

I understand that John Kerry has made claims that the rebels where moderates based on what one ‘expert’ claimed… big problem, tell that to someone has their home destroyed. Let me tell you he is giving out the wrong information. He could do us all a favor by coming to live here in the Philippines for a while.

HEY JOHN – Something to watch:

I don’t loan any money…it’s useless because they do not usually have the ability to repay because of their lack of a steady income, so in an emergency… I give what we can!  I have found that loans are pretty useless…fact not an opinion based on here say… but experience. No loans here because I have found that loans are just a way to get money from us…with no intent to repay it. 

I am not sure of the price per KW hour here in Danao. My family’s electric bill usually runs us around P1,000 per month. Others here may pay more or less depending on what appliances are used and how often they’re used.



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