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Straight from Danao, a very big hello my friends – I hope you each have a good day. Live your life one day at a time. Share it with people who matter most to you. Life is a little jar of memories and experiences so fill it with love and joy. You are richer today if you have laughed, given or forgiven. To wake up each morning feeling healthy at peace, happy & strong is a blessing from God, more precious than wealth.

Devastating floods from the recent typhoon caused massive disruption to industry, cutting economic growth that the Philippines badly needs. Take a minute and watch:   This national disaster affected residents in flood-affected areas. I wander if Global Warming causes the series of severe weather changes.

Typhoon Usagi killed at least 25 people after crashing ashore in southern China, throwing the region’s transport systems into chaos and leaving tens of thousands of airline passengers stranded in Hong Kong on Monday. Schools and businesses were shut as activity in the normally teeming financial hub slowed to a crawl after Usagi — the world’s most powerful storm this year — battered a long swathe of coastline with torrential rain and winds of up to 165 kilometers (103 miles) per hour during the night. The deaths were reported by Chinese state media after Usagi made landfall near Shanwei city in Uangdong province northeast of Hong Kong on Sunday evening, prompting the highest-level alert from the National Meteorological Center. and current FYI

Monsoon rains worsened by Typhoon Usagi pounded the Philippines for the third day on Monday, causing floods and landslides that left six people dead and others stranded on rooftops, officials said. The most severely affected area was the town of Subic, about 80 kilometers (51 miles) northwest of Manila. Heavy rains there caused rain-soaked soil to cascade down, killing six people, said town mayor Jay Khonghun. “We’ve been experiencing very heavy rain. We are now isolated. I can confirm there are two landslide incidents here. Six people were so far killed,” Khonghun told AFP. “The flood water is chest-deep in many areas, and the rain is pounding and the water keeps on rising,” he said. It is not clear how many people have been left stranded in the town of 160,000, but one resident reported that “many” people were waiting on rooftops for rescuers.  Please read: and

I hope some kind of peace has come to the southern port city of Zamboanga. and current news FYI

New satellite images suggest North Korea tested a long-range rocket engine last month, a US research institute said Monday. While the exact engine type could not be identified, possibilities included the second stage of the Unha-3 Space Launch Vehicle or the second or third stage engine of a much larger rocket under development, the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University posted on its 38 North website. Analysis of before and after satellite photos indicated the test had taken place sometime between August 25 and 30 at the North’s Sohae satellite launching station, the post said. Please Read:

Russia re-opened a railway link with North Korea on Sunday, holding out the prospect of increased trade for the reclusive nation with its biggest neighbors after years of international sanctions. Impoverished and squeezed by sanctions for conducting a series of nuclear and missile tests, North Korea has reached out to Moscow and Beijing for help to fill the gap left by the drying up of South Korean and U.S. economic assistance. The head of Russia’s state railway monopoly said the 54-km (34-mile) track from the Russian eastern border town of Khasan to the North Korean port of Rajin would export coal and import goods from South Korea and other Asian countries. The link is part of a more ambitious plan for a railway line from Europe to Asia, which could offer faster freight transportation than alternative sea routes. “This is part of a trans-Korean transport line that will link … this region with Europe via Russian territory,” Russian Railways chief Vladimir Yakunin said on a visit to Rajin to mark the completion of the railway line. and watch



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