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Hello my friends, here is the straight scoop from Danao just for you. We live on earth full of trials, but by grace of God, we remain standing like trees, even if the leaves are falling, still there are new leaves of hope waiting. When we feel being poisoned by stress, pressure, pain and failures, the best antidote is to pray, nothing more, nothing less. I understand five Philippine soldiers have been arrested for looting during a lengthy battle against Muslim guerrillas

Have you ever thought of going deep sea fishing off the coast of Mindanao, where there is plenty of fishing.  I am sure you can find two ocean rods waiting to be used. My own take on this is that having the NSA and the CIA why is the president relying on some unknown person for national security decisions? This looks like Bush and his WMD claims all over again. You have some time look at

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned ex-Soviet allies on Monday that Islamist militancy fuelling the war in Syria could reach their countries, some of which have Muslim majorities. He said Russia and its allies would provide “additional collective assistance” to Tajikistan to guard its border with Afghanistan after the pullout of most foreign combat troops in 2014. Russia, which has a large Muslim minority of its own and is fighting an Islamist insurgency, has accused the West of helping militants by seeking Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s removal without paying enough attention to the potential consequences.

A powerful typhoon that slammed into southern China with winds that blew cars off the road has caused more deaths, bringing the toll in Asia to at least 33 on Monday. Typhoon Usagi, which was the season’s strongest storm at its peak, forced hundreds of flight cancellations and shut down shipping and train lines before weakening to a tropical depression over the southern Chinese province of Guangdong on Monday. China said 25 deaths occurred in Guangdong, where the typhoon made landfall late Sunday near Shanwei with record sustained winds for the city of 175 kilometers (109 miles) per hour. On Saturday the storm had been a super typhoon when it passed between Taiwan and the Philippines, sparing both of them the brunt of the winds. However, Philippine officials said eight people were dead from drowning and land slides, and Taiwan authorities reported nine people hurt by falling trees. The storm wreaked havoc on travel plans just as many passengers were returning home after an extended weekend for the Chinese mid-autumn-festival.

China said Friday that it was ready to talk to Japan over an increasingly heated maritime row, but only if Tokyo declares the islands to be disputed. Foreign Minister Wang Yi faced questions about ties with the US ally during a visit to Washington, where he called for mutual respect in relations between the United States and a growing China. Wang laid blame for tensions on Japan, which in September 2012 nationalized the islands, known as the Senkakus in Japanese and as the Diaoyus in Chinese.”In spite of this, we are still ready to sit down and have a dialogue with the Japanese to work out jointly a way to manage the current situation,” Wang said at the Brookings Institution.”But first, Japan needs to recognize that there is such a dispute. The whole world knows that there is a dispute,” he added.”I believe there will be a day when the Japanese come back to the table of dialogue.”Japan contends that China has no historical basis to claim the islands and charges that Beijing is trying to challenge Tokyo’s rule through military intimidation. Japan’s coast guard reported Thursday that two Chinese ships entered waters near the islands in the latest such incursion in the potentially energy-rich area. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, meeting briefly this month with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Russia, called for an improvement in relations between Asia’s two largest economies. But the conservative prime minister has also pledged a firm line on defending sovereignty and has moved to step up officially pacifist Japan’s defense spending and cooperation with the United States. A previous Japanese government said it bought the islands from private owners to ward off a more provocative plan by outspoken nationalist Shintaro Ishihara, who then headed Tokyo’s metropolitan government. The United States says it takes no position on the ultimate sovereignty of the islands but considers them to be under the administration of Japan, meaning that the United States would be obliged to defend its ally under terms of a security treaty.”For many of us, it has been very upsetting to see the world’s second and third largest economies have their relationship become tense and deteriorate over what, to many of us on the outside, appear to be four uninhabited and uninhabitable rocks,” Jeff Bader, who was President Barack Obama’s top adviser on Asia from 2009 to 2011, told Wang as he moderated the event. In his remarks, Wang returned to the idea of a “new model of major country relationship” between China and the United States — a theme for Xi when he met Obama at the Sunnylands resort in California in June. Wang said that China and the United States “should genuinely respect and accommodate each other’s concerns and interests” in the Asia-Pacific.”We have never thought about pushing the US out of the region,” he said.”Rather, we hope the United States will play a positive role in safeguarding peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific” region, he said. Wang said he spoke to US officials about setting up a “reasonable threshold” for the resumption of long-stalled talks on ending North Korea’s nuclear program. He highlighted recent comments by North Korea’s chief negotiator Kim Kye-Gwan who said in Beijing that Kim Jong-Un’s regime was ready to resume the six-nation talks “without preconditions.””I believe our two countries, China and the United States, are in agreement on the goals of denuclearization and resolving this issue through dialogue,” Wang said. But US officials have been skeptical of overtures by North Korea, which carried out a third nuclear test in February in defiance even of China, its primary ally.US think tanks said that, based on satellite images, North Korea may have recently restarted its main plutonium reactor.

Rescuers struggled Wednesday to help thousands of people injured and left homeless after their houses collapsed in a massive earthquake in southwestern Pakistan, as the death toll rose overnight to 210, officials said. The magnitude 7.7 quake struck in the remote district of Awaran in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province on Tuesday afternoon. Such a quake is considered major, capable of widespread and heavy damage. The quake was felt as far away as New Delhi, the Indian capital, some 1,200 kilometers (about 740 miles) away, but no damage or injuries were immediately reported there. A provincial official, Additional Home Secretary of Baluchistan Zahid bin Maqsood, put the death toll at 210 and said 375 people had been injured, while a spokesman for the provincial government, Jan Mohammad Bulaidi, put the death toll at 216 — conflicting figures likely due to the difficulty in contacting local officials and people in the remote region. In Pakistani cities such as Karachi along the Arabian Sea and Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province, people ran into the streets in fear, praying for their lives when the quake hit. The Pakistani military said it was rushing troops and helicopters to Awaran district and the nearby area of Khuzdar. Local officials said they were sending doctors, food and 1,000 tents for people who had nowhere to sleep as strong aftershocks continued to shake the region. Most of the victims were killed when their houses collapsed. Pakistani television showed pictures of the area. Walls of the mud brick houses had collapsed, and people were gathered outside because they had no homes to sleep in. Baluchistan is Pakistan’s largest province but also the least populated and most impoverished. Awaran district has about 300,000 residents.

President Barack Obama and Iran’s new leader made very tentative moves to end decades of hostility between their countries but could not break the deadlock enough to organize a meeting. Obama said an accord was possible if Iran ends concerns over its nuclear program. New Iranian president Hassan Rowhani called on Obama to ignore “war-mongering pressure groups” to make a deal. He said he was ready for “time-bound and results oriented” talks. The longstanding gap between the United States and Iran was evident in Obama and Rowhani’s speeches to the UN General Assembly and the failure to orchestrate at least a symbolic handshake between them.

He railed against Israel, condemned “rapacious capitalism” and predicted the collapse of the “American empire.” He defended Holocaust revisionists and denied that Iran had any homosexuals. Whenever Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took the world stage, he was sure to inflame tensions. As his successor Hasan Rouhani prepares to address the United Nations for the first time on Tuesday, he has already made a deep impression on world leaders with his markedly milder tone and apparent willingness to reopen negotiations with the West on Iran’s disputed nuclear program. He has raised hopes of a long-elusive warming of U.S.-Iran ties with his condemnation of the Syrian chemical weapons attack and his Cabinet’s greeting to Jews on their New Year’s holiday, Rosh Hashanah, earlier this month. His foreign minister agreed on Monday to restart nuclear negotiations with six world powers later this week on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly. In contrast, Ahmadinejad was jeered and pilloried during his eight visits to U.N. headquarters in New York. Most of his speeches to the General Assembly were boycotted by the U.S., Israel and Western allies.

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa met Friday with Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and his younger brother, President Raul Castro, the leftist South American leader said. Correa was in Cuba to inspect homes being built by Ecuadoran military engineers in Santiago de Cuba, 900 kilometers (560 miles) south-east of Havana, part of an aid package for the island following the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.”Upon learning that we were (also) coming to Havana, Fidel was kind enough to invite us to talk for a short time — and short times with Fidel are quite long,” Correa told reporters at a midnight airport press conference as he prepared to return to Ecuador.In his prime, Fidel Castro, now 87, was known for giving public speeches that would go on for hours.”We spent more than two hours talking,” Correa said. “It’s always an honor and always a pleasure to share time with someone who is the living history of Latin America.”Fidel Castro rarely appears in public any more, and pictures of the historic leftist leader are unusual. Correa also met with Raul Castro and Ecuadorans taking college medical courses in Cuba, and said he looked into how Cuba helps handicapped children. Cuba and oil-producing Ecuador are members of the ALBA bloc that includes the leftist governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

While Boeing has done a few things to the F-15 airframe to reduce its radar return (submerged weapons carriage, an exportable radar-absorbent material coating on the airframe, and outward-canted fins,) it’s still a decidedly non-stealthy airplane. It’s still not quite a fifth-generation fighter, but it’s not intended to be. For instance, the F-15SE is not going to slip stealthily into defended airspace and wipe out a surface-to-air missile battery. That’s still the job of the all-aspect stealthy F-22 or B-2. Boeing optimized the F-15SE to reduce the aircraft’s head-on radar cross section. and watch

Although there have been some bumps in the road, the New England Patriots have zoomed out to a 3-0 start this season. Along the way the team has encountered a number of things they weren’t expecting; some good and some bad. One of the biggest surprises among the players so far has been tight end Zach Sudfeld. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a good surprise. It may seem strange to say the rookie has been a disappointment since he was undrafted out of the University of Nevada. Simply making the team should be a success on its own, but his production to date has fallen well short of the hype he received during preseason. The 24-year-old Sudfeld was the beneficiary of an unexpected opportunity because of how thin the tight end position suddenly got for the Patriots. Aaron Hernandez was arrested on charges of murder, and immediately released by the team, while Rob Gronkowski has yet to play this year. Please read–nfl.html

Dive deep into the Filipino culture of Cebu during the Asia Pacific Poker Tour’s seventh season. After catching some sweeping views from the Taoist Temple, they head into the heart of Cebu City, finishing off on Mactan Island.

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