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Good day friends, I have included today a post about a flesh-eating drug from Russia. Good lord what will they think of next? Maybe we all be walking Zombies like on the TV show, “The Walking Dead?” What do you think? I have to scratch my head and mutter to myself as I wonder. Ouch – my stomach just growled since I haven’t had eaten a bite all day. I think I’ll stay with fast food hamburgers and stay away fresh red meat as shown on the “The Walking Dead.” Our good friends at Smart turned off the ‘go to Internet’ switch yesterday and I didn’t have a chance finish my posts to you. A percentage of Americans who think that threatening a shut down is acceptable. Longest shutdown: 21 days and the percentage of Congress members getting paid: 100%.

I like to say something about social security being in such bad shape. It’s our money and it’s not a tax. It was originally set as a trust fund for those who paid into it and to be used in a person’s golden years of retirement. The fund was never touched during WW2 thought to the death of JFK. And then came the Viet Nam War which broke the government’s pot of gold. Viet Nam War and with no money or deep pockets LBJ and his bureaucrats decided to borrow the money and repay the loan. The borrowed money was never repaid; that very same philosophy goes on today. Show me the money!    

A flesh-eating drug has appeared in the United States after first being discovered in Russia a decade ago. Krokodil, Russian for “crocodile,” is a street drug used as a cheap substitute for heroin. The drug is referred to as “krokodil” because it causes sores, tissue damage and rough, scale-like appearance on the skin. Two cases involving the drug that surfaced at the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix are alarming anti-drug advocates and medical personnel who fear use of krokodil might spread. When the facility warned other poison centers around the country about krokodil, some revealed they also had patients suffering from its apparent use, according to Dr. Frank LoVecchio, co-medical director at Banner Poison, Drug and Information Center. “This is up there as one of the craziest new trends I’ve seen,” he said. “We’ve known about it in Russia, and we’ve known what it has done there. It’s really decimated whole cities there.” Krokodil is made up of several ingredients easily accessed at home improvement stores and pharmacies. The base of the drug is usually codeine. Pure codeine is extracted from its pill form and adulterated with chemicals to create a liquid substance that is later injected into the veins.  The types of chemicals used by manufacturers vary.  

Philippine forces said on Friday they had rescued the last civilians held by Muslim rebels on a southern island after nearly three weeks of fighting that has raised doubts about government efforts to end decades-old insurgencies. Hundreds of members of a Muslim rebel faction, angered by a pact struck with the main Muslim rebel group, marched into Zamboanga City on Sept 9. They took hundreds of hostages and began battling the security forces.

Chinese police have rescued 92 children and two women kidnapped by a gang for sale and arrested 301 suspects, state media said on Saturday, in one of the biggest busts of its kind in years. Police simultaneously swooped on locations in 11 provinces recently after a six-month investigation, China Central Television and state news agency Xinhua said, quoting the Ministry of Public Security. An exact date of when the children were rescued and the arrests made was not given. State media also did not give a breakdown of how many boys and how many girls were kidnapped.

A military campaign at a key Philippine port against Muslim gunmen opposed to peace talks ended Saturday with close to 500 rebels killed or captured and nearly 200 hostages freed, the army said. “The threat to Zamboanga is over. The enemy has no organized resistance left,” military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Ramon Zagala told AFP. After nearly three weeks of fighting between troops and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), police will take over to clear the city of MNLF stragglers and find a key guerrilla leader who remains unaccounted for, he added. The military said Nur Misuari, who founded the guerrilla group in the early 1970s, had sent his top lieutenant Habier Malik and hundreds of his armed followers to Zamboanga three weeks ago in a bid to derail peace talks with a rival Muslim rebel group. The fighting also claimed the lives of 23 soldiers and policemen as well as 12 civilians, while 180 members of the security forces and 72 civilians were wounded.

A meeting of the Pakistani and Indian prime ministers in New York this weekend is a fresh chance for one leader to push for peace on the subcontinent — and likely the last chance for the other. Three-time Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif and India’s Manmohan Singh are due to meet Sunday on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly. It is their first face-to-face since Sharif’s election victory in May. Singh will step down next year.

Heat is building on balkanized Republicans, who are convening the House this weekend in hopes of preventing a government shutdown but remain under tea party pressure to battle on and use a must-do funding bill to derail all or part of President Barack Obama’s health care law. The weekend session comes after the Senate on Friday sent back to the House legislation to keep the government’s doors open until Nov. 15, but only after Democrats stripped from the bill a provision to defund the Affordable Care Act, also called “Obamacare.” Congress faces a midnight deadline Monday. Failure to pass a short-term funding bill by then would mean the first partial government shutdown in almost 20 years.–politics.html

In a plot seemingly ripped from Hollywood, a former Army soldier and alleged contract killer nicknamed “Rambo” stands accused of recruiting four other former soldiers from the U.S. and Europe to murder a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent and the agent’s informant. Prosecutors in New York said the planned double murder was part of what the defendants thought was a larger scheme to import large volumes of cocaine into the U.S. “The bone-chilling allegations in today’s indictment read like they were ripped from the pages of a Tom Clancy novel,” said US Attorney Preet Bharara. “The charges tell a tale of an international band of mercenary marksmen who enlisted their elite military training to serve as hired guns for evil ends.” The alleged murder-for-hire conspiracy was a ruse, arranged by undercover DEA agents to stop men described as “hardened global criminals.”–abc-news-topstories.html

An international team of scientists in China has discovered what may be the earliest known creature with a distinct face, a 419 million-year-old fish that could be a missing link in the development of vertebrates. The fossil find in China’s Xiaoxiang Reservoir, reported by the journal “Nature” on Thursday, is the most primitive vertebrate discovered with a modern jaw, including a dentary bone found in humans.–mma.html

Archaeologists have unearthed a 5,000-year-old leopard trap in the Negev Desert in Israel. The trap, which was found along with a 1,600-year-old trap, was originally thought to be just a few hundred years old, and is nearly identical to traps that have been used by desert-dwelling Bedouins in the area in the last century.  “The most exciting thing is the antiquity of these carnivore traps, which is totally unexpected,” said study co-author Naomi Porat, a geochronologist with the Geological Survey of Israel.

President Barack Obama went nuclear this week in his attacks on Republicans trying to derail the Affordable Care Act, painting the controversial law’s opponents as fat cats who watch too much Fox News. Or freeloaders. Or the Koch Brothers. Or folks who think the Fugitive Slave Act and Obamacare are equally terrible.–obamacare-critics-are–desperate–fat-cat-fox-news-watchers-224720869.html

Kim Bok-dong was only 14 when Japanese occupying forces knocked on her parents’ door and requisitioned her for what they said was wartime work in a factory. Instead, she found herself on the battlefield in a brothel where soldiers had sex with her from morning until evening, every day for years — one of tens of thousands of girls used as “comfort women” by the Japanese military during the Second World War.

Could a new wave of Cuban baseball players be headed for the major leagues without having to defect from the communist island? Cuba announced Friday that athletes from all sports will soon be able to sign contracts with foreign leagues, a break with a decades-old policy that held pro sports to be anathema to socialist ideals. It’s a step toward the day when the road from Havana to Yankee Stadium might mean simply hopping on a plane rather than attempting a perilous sea crossing or sneaking out of a hotel at midnight in a strange land.–spt.html

From Boracay beaches to the rice terraces of Banaue the beauty in the Philippines is endless. To vacation, live or retire in the 7,100 islands, which make up the Philippines will definitely be a time to remember. With hotspots like Palawan, Siargao, Lake Sebu and The Island Garden of Samal they will leave an open window of opportunity for those seeking tranquility, adventure and love. There is no better way to spend a holiday in the Philippines then to find a Filipina girl to accommodate you. Your partner not only can help you seek out adventure but her native language can assist in countless cost effective ways to help you save money while taking that trip of a lifetime.

The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you cannot go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches. Thanks for stopping by, Uncle Chuck.



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