Posted by: Chuck | October 8, 2013

As the World turns from Uncle Chuck

Good day to you friends one thing I keep finding over and over is that almost all the people here are generally much helpful and along the way met some very nice people in the Philippines.

When we keep little we recognize our nothingness and expect everything from God. Just as a little kid expects every thing from their father. You have nothing to worry about. He gives in the measure we ask. It is unbelievable to me the world seems to gone totally insane with wars and talk of war to come. As it looks to me, will mankind end up in the over filled trash can I have myself. Where are the peacemakers? Oops. They flying off in a expensive jet to make another boring speech that everyone has heard 100 times before. The Chinese hate the Japanese – both want to be the master of Asia and sell their junk to the westerners. The North Koreans want to destroy those damn Yankees with their bombs from hell. Wake up North Koreans you’re like a fart in the wind. Really good excising news – you bet! I try to post when the Internet or power is working without any hiccups happy cheerful music for you to watch from youtube. And how was your day? What draws everybody closer and makes us all care is not what we have, but the things we share.

I believe the Tea Party is financed by some very wealthy people such as the Koch brothers who want to keep their money and get more money… so a small panic can allow them to gain while a lot of panic may ruin them.


Republicans launched a furious counter-attack on the White House as the US government shutdown drags into a fifth day with no end in sight. With lawmakers heading into the weekend, Congress appeared no closer to resolving the impasse, even as a far more challenging fiscal hurdle — the need to raise the US debt ceiling or suffer a catastrophic credit default — was barely 12 days away.

Tropical Storm Karen continues to move toward the northern Gulf Coast and is expected to decrease in speed as it brings rain and potential flooding to the U.S. The National Hurricane Center says Saturday morning that Karen is about 155 miles (245 kilometers) south of Morgan City, La., and about 185 miles (295 kilometers) southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River. It has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph (65 kph) and is moving at 10 mph (16 kph). A tropical storm warning is in effect from Morgan City to the mouth of the Pearl River. A tropical storm watch covers the New Orleans area and a stretch from east of the Pearl River’s mouth to Indian Pass, Fla. Forecasters say rain accumulations of 1 to 3 inches over the central Gulf Coast and southeastern U.S. are possible through Monday night, with isolated totals up to 6 inches.

I personally believe the world and its life will not end – come rain or sunshine. Thanks for your visit, Uncle Chuck



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