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When I think of the word hopeless, I think of this other beautiful word: despair. I think it is beautiful because it sounds the way it should feel like.  The air at the end of the word seems incapable of flight because of the harshness of the consonants “d,” “s,” and “p.”  That is what despair must feel like — a yearning hampered. As I watch the scenes unfold in my home land America I have to wonder when the shoe fall. The wise men/women hurry about in the halls of government are not too smart as your house burns to the ground. The jobless walk the empty streets looking for a dollar or two and of course there are those joining the ranks of the homeless.  The wise have forgotten the true value of the American people soul. But never fear Captain America may save the day. The politician says to all, if you don’t want to worry pray more and don’t forget to vote for me. Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes and words. Never interrupt another or mock or rudely mimic them. Allow each person the right to personal expression. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.  Fugitive Muslim leader Nur Misuari has been charged with rebellion following deadly attacks by hundreds of his armed followers on a southern Philippine city, the justice minister said Wednesday. A court in the southern city of Zamboanga has issued an arrest warrant for Misuari and three of his commanders for the siege of the city that began on September 9, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima told reporters. At least 244 people were killed in the three weeks of fighting that followed, with the government alleging that Misuari masterminded the operation even though he was not physically present. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Thursday he was postponing a visit to US ally the Philippines due to a tropical storm, in the latest setback to US efforts to engage Asia. Kerry, who had been drafted in to take over President Barack Obama’s cancelled trip through Asia, blamed the cancellation on Tropical Storm Nari, which is bearing down on the northeastern Philippines. His excuse was, “Because of the judgment of our pilots… and the approaching typhoon, we are going to postpone the trip that I was going to make to the Philippines,” Kerry told reporters on the sidelines of an Asian summit in Brunei. I remember the feeling I had when I fell in love with my wife, strangely enough.  I was in love not just with her that was at the moment; but because of love, I could see beyond the present and anticipate what her soul was going to be.  The future loomed before me, and hope sang its wordless song and carried me on its wings. God bless you, Uncle Chuck

Peso strengthens as US moves to avert defaultThe peso rose slightly against the dollar Friday as US House Republican leaders  have started negotiating with President Barack Obama to prevent a debt default, encouraging investors to go for riskier currencies, like the Philippines. The peso gained 1.5 centavos to close at 43.135 versus 43.15 Thursday. Trading volume reached $818.3 million compared with $997.1 million.

CRYING THE BLUES – John Boehner’s 8th Congressional District is a jigsawed chunk of southwestern Ohio that hugs the Indiana border to the west and runs north along Highway 127 from Hamilton through Eaton and Greenville before jutting east to Springfield. Significantly farmland — its largest cities are Hamilton with 62,447 residents, and Springfield with 60,608 — it eschews the Cincinnati and Dayton metro areas, and it provides an incumbent like Boehner plenty of political flexibility for his stances in Congress and re-election bids back home. According to 2012 data from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, 326,825 of its 468,484 voters are registered as “other” or are unaffiliated. Of the leftovers, 109,781 Republicans call Ohio’s 8th home, while only 31,878 Democrats live in its boundaries — a huge advantage for Boehner, who’s held the seat since Jan. 3, 1991.

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