Posted by: Chuck | October 19, 2013

Alarm bells are ringing in Japan as China’s navy formation passes through Miyako Straits

Published on Oct. 20, 2012

China says the naval drills on the high seas are regularly carried out and are not aimed at any country. It’s in response to Japanese media reports that called the routine military exercise a “threat” to Japan’s national security.

Alarm bells are ringing in Japan. A Chinese navy formation passes through the Miyako Strait, on its way to conduct distant-sea training in Pacific Ocean.

According to International practice, distant-sea training must be carried out in open high seas. And that’s what we have chosen to do, it’s completely legal.

The PLA says distant-sea training of naval forces is a regular and normal routine, but that the scope and scale of the training is increasing.

With the expansion of our national interests, we’re gradually enlarging the area for distant-sea training. Western countries and Japan should get used to this kind of training exercise by the Chinese navy. They are defensive exercises designed to safeguard the security of our shipping routes.

China’s naval strength has been widely reported to have increased over recent years. But experts say the Chinese navy still has a long way to go.

The navy’s combat capacity on the high seas is still lagging behind western countries like the US. They hold many more distant-sea training exercises than we do. And they have much wider influence in safeguarding their national sea interests than us. We should learn from them and keep enlarging the training area.

Analysts say the last decade has been a major turning point for China’s Navy. Within that time, the country has gone from almost no distant-sea activity, to being capable of safeguarding international shipping routes, such as those off the coast of Somalia



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