Posted by: Chuck | October 19, 2013

Pirate Coast – Somalia

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UK links to al Shabaab grow as global conference looms

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As Somali piracy refuses to go away, why does the international community seem powerless to stop it? Despite occasional shows of strength, local Somali fishermen believe that maybe they don’t really want to.

“If they were serious about tackling piracy they would have solved it ages ago”, argues the Somali coastguard. For them it is obvious: the Western ships have reasons other than pirates for wanting to patrol these waters. They believe the Somali seas have become a playground for Western navies to test arms, protect illegal fishery or just polish up their international image. A predominance of large warships seem to support their claims. “These vessels are enormous; we have small maneuverable boats, we can get away fast”, one pirate tells us.



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