Posted by: Chuck | October 19, 2013


Hello friends instead of doing a decent job, congress ran through a patch job and kicked the proverbial can down the road.  I hope we will not have the same degree of problems hit us all in January or February 2014. I hope the pork barrel politics is over and they all start do their job. After weeks of debate, the measure passed late Wednesday with less than two hours to go until October 17, the date from which the Treasury had warned it might not be able to pay its bills. The last-gasp plan will stave off the most pressing crisis by extending the US Treasury’s borrowing authority until February 7th. You should consider investing in a classy timepiece. But that doesn’t mean you should go automatically for pricey watches. It appears to me that there has been ongoing, a series of separate ‘quakes in this part of the Philippines. Two buildings and a fish port collapsed in Cebu City, which is the fifth-biggest city and one of its leading tourist destinations, as did the roof of a mall under construction, authorities have said. The Loboc Church in Bohol, built by the Spanish in the 17th century, was toppled. Many centuries-old churches in Baclayon, Loon and Dauis, and in Bohol, sustained significant damage, provincial Governor Edgar Chatto said. Power was reported out across Cebu City and Masbate and Bohol provinces, the official Philippine Information Agency said. The Philippine Red Cross asked people in the region to use their phones only for emergencies so first responders and rescue operations weren’t hampered. Several historic churches, including the church of the Saint Nino in Cebu and the 400 yr old Saint Peter the Apostle Church in Loboc have suffered damage. The Loboc church was almost completely demolished. Pictures from before the earthquake show a very ornate ceiling painted with scenes as beautiful as you can found in the Sistine Chapel. Now it is all gone. Landslides and road damage is making rescue and recovery efforts very difficult in many more remote areas. Both India and China are close to an agreement to stop tension on their contested border touching off confrontation while they try to figure out a way to break decades-old stalemate on overlapping claims to long stretches of the Himalayas. Milder conditions in Australia were helping firefighters after Thursday’s unseasonably hot temperatures and strong winds fanned flames across the parched landscape and threatened towns surrounding Sydney. Number of fires in New South Wales State had dropped from more than 100 overnight to 94, burning across 86,000 hectares (or 330 square miles). However 28 fires continued to burn out of control.

God’s love for us is not a love that exempts us from trials, but rather a love that always sees us through trials. May the peace of the Lord be with you always. Uncle Chuck

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