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Hello friends the impact on the people of Bohol in the wake of the 7.2 magnitude on the Richter scale earthquake that hit the island let’s imagine if so much funds weren’t lost to corruption or, for instance, had Janet Lim Napoles and co-conspirators in Congress had not been born, how much faster and easier the government could mobilize aid to alleviate the sufferings of the people affected and rehabilitate the destroyed infrastructure. The president plans to use some of funds given to the Philippines from Korea to help earthquake victims in other locations within the country or help needy political crawlies. In the turbulence of a politics upset by whistleblowers, of a country beset by typhoons and earthquakes, truth is both an objective and a victim. After all, it is not truth that is on trial, but Filipinos who have to get at the truth now muddled by the agenda of those afraid for the truth to surface. It is not only our honesty and integrity that is being tested, but also our intelligence to know truth from lie. Graft and corruption in massive scale, not earthquake, will destroy the Philippines. If we are prepared, protected and safe from where we are sleeping, sitting or standing when disasters like flash flood, fire and earthquake strike, we have strong chances of survival. To me it’s a question of drawing a line in the sand and that line is based on not accepting any bad behavior. It can take a lifetime to make a friend whereas; it only takes a second to make an enemy. Be careful of what you say and do around others.

Back in the nearby mountains it was a very common sight to see rice laid out on the road for drying; and one person will dry fish by laying them out on a tin roof. This system works well enough here, but only because food production is at subsistence levels. Farmers will rarely have much more than 1 hectare and fishermen will rarely bring in even 10 Kg a day.

Philippine rescuers on Saturday called off the search for survivors after a powerful earthquake on the tourist island of Bohol that killed at least 180 people. The disaster council said the quake displaced nearly 400,000 people. Many are still in makeshift tents, terrorized by aftershocks and unwilling to return home. The quake damaged more than 34,000 houses across the region, with about 109,000 people sheltering at government-run camps on Bohol.

The Boston Red Sox are going to the World Series. To say that they were built for this – all desire and heart and never-say-die toughness – would be an understatement. But the fact that they have done it is also nothing short of astonishing. This is not merely one of those worst-to-first stories, in which fans warm their hearts around the fire of a familiar narrative. Yes, the Red Sox did finish last the American League East division last year. And yes, they did win the division this year, and – on Saturday – advanced to the World Series with a 5-2 win over the Detroit Tigers in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

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