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Obamacare has arrived and light up a joint

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For those of us not living back home in the USA, I think Obamacare will not have any impact on expats in the Philippines. It is my understanding that the IRS will be the one enforcing the fines for not using Obamacare, so the IRS should be notified if a person is no longer living in the US. However the question is, can Obamacare/insurance provided outside of the U.S. qualify for insurance provided inside the U.S. (which would be rare anyway) or is there some exception for foreigners. Those who are sixty five and older are covered by Medicare Part A (hospital). .but not Part B,(MD visits, x-rays, etc) unless, they purchase it. They would have no problem! (However the dilemma is that currently Medicare does not cover U.S. citizens living outside the U.S.) Therefore, I guess a penalty would be due sometime around tax time. But time will tell as to what will really happen. I wonder how will Obamacare us Americans living in the Philippines.

Some insurers are saying the applications they’re getting from the exchanges are riddled with errors. Some forms are missing full names or numbers. Others contain duplicates, with the same person signing up for different plans. One person who signed up for coverage through Medical Mutual of Ohio submitted several applications requesting different plans, said Heather Thiltgen, vice president of individual sales and marketing. The insurer, which has received fewer than 100 applications through the federal exchange so far, called the person and learned he kept receiving error messages when enrolling so he hit the submit button several times. The insurers are contacting applicants to verify the information. Scott & White Health Plan has called the handful of people who signed up for the Texas insurer’s plans through the federal exchange because their forms are missing data or contain dates that don’t make sense.

We experience bone shaking aftershocks as the earth rattles on in our home here in the Big House. As the earth shakes we wonder if this would be the big one. Yesterday the two Bingo Queens were in Cebu for some rounds of Bingo. No winners but no losers either. My wife came with an award winning smile long after the sun sunk in the west.

Iran nuclear talks ended last week with enthusiastic pronouncements of progress from negotiators. Tehran’s willingness to engage is a big step, but diplomats familiar with the meeting also say significant gaps remain between what the Iranians offered and what the six negotiating powers seek in order to reduce fears Iran wants to build nuclear weapons. Details of the Iranian offer remain confidential, but two diplomats agreed to give The Associated Press some insight. They demanded anonymity because they are under orders not to discuss the issue. The diplomats said the chief advance achieved at Geneva was not detailed Iranian concessions, but Tehran’s apparent willingness to engage the six powers on their concerns – a departure from previous Iranian refusal to even discuss most of the other side’s demands. 

A new criminal law that could include penalties like amputation for theft and stoning for adultery will be enforced for Muslims in Brunei in six months, its ruling sultan announced. Brunei’s Shariah Islamic court had previously handled mainly family-related disputes. The sultan has been hoping to implement the new law for years to bolster the influence of Islam in the tiny, oil-rich monarchy on Southeast Asia’s Borneo Island. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah said the Shariah Penal Code should be regarded as a form of “special guidance” from God and would be “part of the great history” of Brunei.

Upset at President Barack Obama’s policies on Iran and Syria, members of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family are threatening a rift with the United States that could take the alliance between Washington and the kingdom to its lowest point in years. Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief is vowing that the kingdom will make a “major shift” in relations with the United States to protest perceived American inaction over Syria’s civil war as well as recent U.S. overtures to Iran, a source close to Saudi policy said on Tuesday.

Sharif Calls on Obama as U.S. and Pakistan Try to Turn the CornerThe trip is Sharif’s first to Washington during what is now his third stint as Pakistan’s premier and comes at a time when U.S. and Pakistan’s turbulent relations are slowly on the mend. Washington rolled out the red carpet for Sharif’s visit: Secretary of State John Kerry hosted him for a dinner on Sunday; he met with business leaders on Monday; and, on Tuesday, Sharif delivered a standing-room only speech at the U.S. Institute of Peace. “I have come here as the elected leader of Pakistan, a land of ancient civilizations and cultural traditions, but a state still young and aspiring to be a modern, moderate and progressive country,” Sharif told the crowd. Read more:

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