Posted by: Chuck | October 26, 2013

When a man meets a woman

Hello friends, soon it’ll be Halloween Night full of trick or treaters. A moonless dark night full of zombies, ghosts, the walking dead – all ready and willing to accept a piece of candy from you or your next door neighbor. I remember as a kid going around with my empty brown bag chanting ‘trick or treat’ to unknown smiling strangers in the days I didn’t worry about a shape razor blade buried inside a candy bar. Junior has taken a beak from off his college and is now in Manila, my great hope is he keeps his pants zipped up. As the French say, “Oh, la- la.” No tick or treating there I can tell you. I have admit to you, I’m sick and tired and sort of depressed from reading the terrible news that I try to bring you. I have to tell you one of things I love about the Philippine people are very festive and try to find a reason just to celebrate as life as much as possible. The top reason for my interest in the Philippines is of course my beloved wife. No other women on God’s green earth has the charm, grace, beauty and dedication to their husband and family as my wife. I feel God’s blessing every day when I wake up next to my adoring wife. Life just doesn’t get any better. Besides my wife one of the things I love and like about the Philippines is the close family ties. My wife’s family and so many of her friends have close family ties. is something I never experienced until I moved here. First is always her family. I watch very little television and under no circumstances do I golf. Since I was the navy in the “Ike” years I cheer on navy over army. And I wasn’t sure who or what Obama was I first heard of him. Then I learn he want to be president. I thought who was this guy? Let’s face life can be at times is difficult. One thing I’ve learn you never know what will through the life’s door.  Since I have no axe to grind; I take one day at a time.

Life can never be absolutely happy. It can never be perfectly made. Sometimes it makes us cry and suffer. But it will make us stand and learn that no matter how difficult it is, there will always be may reasons to live and smile. Be grateful with simple things. God bless you. Uncle Chuck

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