Posted by: Chuck | October 29, 2013

Labels and more labels

I believe very strongly in my arguments because I know they are the strongest arguments. So far, you have proven to me that you do not care about your own arguments because you have not presented them with any kind of passion. Instead you pull from your collection of pseudo psychological clap-trap and innuendo me in the process. And the other guy, he acts like a chorus. I respect him and even like him as a person. When we are together we interact like we are long lost friends. But, when he argues, he has nothing to say except that he is sick and tired of me as a person.

Tea Party itself is a label. The connotation is the Boston tea party, when Bostonians threw away all the tea shipped from Britain in defiance of the British crown. Every name is a label. The word liberal is a label. If you call me a liberal, you are labeling me. A few years ago, you were actually putting me down if you called me a liberal. Liberal was a dirty word. Now right-wing is a dirty word. Those Tea Party clowns and oafs are on the way to the dustbin of history. Mark my words. People like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Steve King are not quite as hypocritical as American history most despised witch hunter, Joe McCarthy who saw leftists behind every door in America’s homes, but close. Americans are on to them. They might keep their political offices because of voters’ inertia, but they have no future beyond their present.

You can’t escape labels because labels are the generic words we use to describe people. Republican is a generic word. Donald Trump is a particular. So is Pete King. Both are New Yorkers, and they represent the two extremes of the Republican spectrum. We cannot escape labels. What he probably means is that we should not use labels like motherfuckers because they offend his sensibilities. Unfortunately for all of us, people don’t talk like the Victorians anymore. People readily use fuck, hard-on, vagina, asshole even in women’s clubs.

This is because there is so much frustration over the fact that you can’t get through to people nowadays. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, Republicans are from an unknown distance planet, while Democrats are from planet 202.3 in the Andromeda galaxy.

All you have to do is turn your TV on to HBO and Showtime and you discover, voila, how people in America really talk. And how goes America, so goes the rest of the civilized world.

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