Posted by: Chuck | October 30, 2013

Better days ahead and the downtrodden

Hello friends, I have seen better days, but I’ve also seen worse. I don’t have everything that I want, but I do have all I need. As most days I woke up with the same old aches and pains, but I did woke up. Our lives may not be perfect, but we all are blessed. Christmas is coming and we are already seeing hands out for a Christmas present. To be honest I am not sure if I like President Obama, why you might ask. I am just not where he stands however on the other hand I think he is trying to make better for everyone. My hope is that America doesn’t end up in the poor house in the meantime. My friends I am a passionate advocate for the poor, the downtrodden, the exploited. That’s my passion in life.

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The turbulence of a politics upset by whistle blowers, of a country beset by typhoons and earthquakes, truth is both an objective and a victim. After all, it is not truth that is on trial, but Filipinos who have to get at the truth now muddled by the agenda of those afraid for the truth to surface. It is not only our honesty and integrity that is being tested, but also our intelligence to know truth from lie. When the first, and key, whistleblower was rescued by the NBI and started to talk, he must have known that telling the sordid story of greed and plunder was his only way to save himself. He was a major player in the web of corruption that included senators and congressmen, Cabinet members and heads of agencies, COA auditors and DBM officers. Only from the inside, and only from high up inside, could a truckload of details be available. Political dynasties here in the Philippines are dying out. It’s in the throes of death not because the political brand has lost its luster, especially among the mesa which can be relied upon at any time to give the vote to anyone anointed by its local patriarch and even their mistresses.

By canceling a planned trip to Asia President Obama might have thought he’d sidestepped a potential political minefield. Republicans would undoubtedly have howled at the sight of the president skipping town in the midst of a government shutdown. Some of them are howling anyway. “The White House planning staff would have (or should have) seen this collision of deadlines coming months ago,” wrote conservative columnist Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal. “Foreign relations suffer so Mr. Obama can pummel the GOP.” In the eyes of much of the American public, Obama still has the upper hand over House Speaker John Boehner in the battle to be blamed less for the shut down. But no matter when and how the budget crisis is resolved, Obama’s stature overseas will be diminished. It’s not just that, as Josh Kurlantzick argued here earlier this week, he’s lost the opportunity to make an in-person push for a trans-Pacific free-trade agreement—an initiative once hailed as a major priority for his second term. Obama’s no-show at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Bali also marks the second straight year he’s opted not to attend the annual gathering of
Asian leaders. The administration’ s talked-about “pivot” to Asia has been exposed as a rhetorical wish more than a strategic reality.

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