Posted by: Chuck | October 31, 2013

Fix or blame other guy always

Some people who have only have one perspective in life; mine and only mine that counts and the hell with everyone else’s point of view. Always the external world is to blame: The immature person never takes responsibility for his/her thoughts, feelings, decisions, or actions. This includes the system: the poor, the needy, and uneducated, the minorities, and any unfortunate human being is always and only the victim of oppressive forces coming from the outside. Individual responsibility has absolutely no part in the origin or maintenance of one’s plight in life. This is a form of black/white thinking. There is no nuanced version of the interaction between social and individuals forces in life. Social is always to blame for individual tragedies. The fix or the blame is always external.

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In my view, the core causal factors of wars, polarization, lack of synergy, lack of tolerance, lack of mature compassion – even and especially toward those who disagree with us—have more to do with one’s level of maturity (vertical dimension) than with one’s position on the left-right spectrum (horizontal dimension). Mature people on the left or the right can have true dialogue and bring value to each other’s perspectives. It is the immature ones, on the left and on the right, that are unable to bring love, wisdom, and compassion. They will find a way to justify their hatred.

Folks, I am a passionate person, and if people don’t like it, hell, there’s over 7 billion people on this planet about half of whom agree with me. I have a lot of soul mates in the underdeveloped world, where people generally passionately feel that there must be more compassion for the poor, the downtrodden, the exploiting on God’s green earth.

Government is inherently wasteful as it requires the hiring of bureaucrats to administer the myriad of worthless laws the dream up. The biggest joke of it all is that they have so completely sold the American people on the idea they have to choose one of the two so called choices. I always say it is like me asking what do you want me to hit you with a hammer or a baseball bat? Most sane minded people will say neither. But in politics you are told that is not a valid choice which one do you want. Most people just comply and never consider a sensible alternative. If you ever watch the presidential debates most of the time the libertarian candidate sounds the most sensible. Most people readily admit this. However they are told they can’t vote libertarian because that would be throwing their vote away. American politics is a very depressing situation, I will be glad to leave America and stop caring which paid for idiot occupies political office.

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Now folks I call the Tea Party people clowns and you can call me names. You can call me a crazy leftist loon and intellectually lazy old man if you like.

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When we keep little we recognize our nothingness and expect everything from God. Just like a little child expects everything from their father. Nothing to worry about, we can ever have too much hope in God. He gives in the measure we ask. God bless you all, Uncle Chuck

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