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Me and my three sons

Perhaps you may be wonder why I post ‘youtube’ videos about our fighting US Marines in danger’s way, to me it is simple. My grand dad who taught me to ride my ten year birthday present, my first bike – served in the Marines as a drummer boy in the Spanish American War in the late 1890s. I guess that is a good enough reason. Today these young men in far land hold the line in the dirt fighting some real terrible people who hate both you and me. My oldest son fought in all the dirty wars in the Middle East while my second boy served as voluntary firemen in his home town. My youngest son here in the Philippines will very soon leave the nest and head to America for a new life and adventure. I’m so very proud of my three sons. When the war reached this country, it only signaled a change of colonial masters and not independence. The proclamation of the first Philippine Republic in 1899 only lead to the Philippine-American War and was ended in 1901. The Philippine Commonwealth was later established but was interrupted during the Japanese invasion in World War II. The Japanese occupation only lasted three years but left a massive devastation in its wake. The country was granted its long sought independence from US control in 1946.

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With my feet to take me where I’d go, with eyes to see the sunset’s glow before me, with my ears to hear what I’d know. With my loving family and friends to enjoy life. Oh, God, forgive me when I whine, I’ve been blessed indeed, and the world is mine.

The rains would not stop even after the winds had died down. The young mother is terrified for her children and herself. Juanito, her husband had gone looking for food. The typhoon blew wild and wickedly across the Philippines leaving behind rising flood waters, mangled huts and shacks, and toppled mango trees. Even sturdy coconut trees had crashed to the ground, defiant yet overwhelmed by a force never before encountered. All alone in her small, one-roomed bamboo and grass-roofed shack embraced her three terrified children who were crying in fear and she prayed to be spared. Her fear was heightened by the darkness and the running water, now a few feet from the hut and was rising fast.

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The USS Zumwalt, the first of the new DDG-1000 class of destroyer, is expected to put to sea for tests and shakedown in the first few months of 2014, moved back from the original October 19 launch date. At a little more than 15,000 tons at full displacement, the Zumwalt will be one of the biggest non-aircraft carrying surface combat ships to be produced by the United States since the Second World War. The class features a new “tumble home” design, which will improve upon ship stability by allowing new destroyers to pierce and pass through waves rather than cresting them, as well as extremely advanced electronic warfare systems that might be adapted to carry new types of weaponry developed in the future.

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