Posted by: Chuck | November 12, 2013


Without much warning the super typhoon struck here in full force, the rain came in sheets as the howling driven wind forward. The wind screamed as a woman in harms way. Trees twist and turned from the howling wind. Neighboring homes with tin roofs rattled and danced to the wind. Our unemployed neighbor who avoids work as if it was a demon named WORK protected his pride and joy fighting cock in rush of rain and wind. In the height of the typhoon our son from Cebu was here to help his Mom and me. As fast the typhoon hit it left as fast leaving all without power, outside connections to the outside world. And then leaving a silence wet pavement. The street gutters and pavement are full of dirty rain water.

But the grace of God and my wife’s determination we made this terrible ordeal. Belinda helped me get through hard days and dark nights.

The brown out here lasted several days without electricity or water to drink or even to take a bath from the sweat pouring off or bodies. During this terrible ordeal no earthquakes struck with rolling ground.  To be honest with you I have to wonder where our fearless mayor and his cronies were during this disaster. I know this much many poor folks in the Philippines have had a hard time from the typhoon without any help from the civic national- local government, shame on you.

As soon as the typhoon had passed my wife’s mother Mama Vera along with a cousin of my wife who helped me overcome some of painful aches and terrible memories leaved by two previous helpers who thought the world was as flat as a pizza pan. I do feel much better with her help, my wife’s help, and with God’s grace. Yes there is a God, yes there is love, and yes there is family. During the quiet days following the typhoon I made peace with my youngest son Junior who is the pride and joy of Belinda and me. Life hasn’t been easy for me and I found myself to be someone I didn’t like or wanted to be – a grumpy old man, not easy person to live with. And I think I probably lost my soul during hose painful day; who do I blame – myself. Uncle Chuck



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