Posted by: Chuck | November 16, 2013

Global warming and Super Typhoon Yolanda

During Super Typhoon Yolanda, Danao was affected but not as severely as other areas in Cebu Province. Here we were without electricity for about 120 hours on our side of the city due to fallen power lines. We received heavy rain and moderate to strong winds for about 5 hours but no flooding or major wind damage where we live.

Global warming or not… living close to most beaches is dangerous… North or South of here has seen a lot of devastation. One thing with Global warming here now, I would not build or rent near the beach of any inlet, ocean, bay etc. Stay at least 5 kilometers away from open water, the higher the ground the better, but then that is not totally free of calamity.

Concerning typhoon victims, there are other areas of the Philippines who were hit hard but it seems they are being overlooked. True that their area did not suffer as greatly as in Tacloban but their suffering is still painful. There are still areas in the Western Visayas without power and communication, same as in the Eastern Visayas Many lives were not lost but many lives were drastically changed with other great losses. It will take awhile to recover.

TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine government on Friday defended its efforts to deliver assistance to victims of Typhoon Haiyan, many of whom have received little or no assistance since the monster storm struck one week ago. “In a situation like this, nothing is fast enough,” Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said in Tacloban, most of which was destroyed by the storm one week ago. “The need is massive, the need is immediate, and you can’t reach everyone.”

HONG KONG (Reuters) – While the navies of the United States and its allies rushed to the aid of the typhoon-hit Philippines, a state-of-the-art Chinese hospital ship has stayed at home and in doing so has become a symbol of China’s tepid response to the crisis. The decision not to deploy the 14,000-tonne “Peace Ark”, one of the newest and biggest hospital ships in the world, is one that contrasts with a recent charm offensive across Southeast Asia by China as it seeks to bolster ties and ease tension over the disputed South China Sea. Even China’s usually hawkish Global Times, a tabloid owned by the People’s Daily state mouthpiece, on Friday called for the Ark to sail to the Philippines, where an international naval flotilla, headed by a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group, is delivering food, water and medicine.

Aboard USS George Washington (Philippines) (AFP) – US Navy helicopters and planes Friday launched non-stop aid flights to desperate survivors of a super typhoon in the Philippines that killed thousands, igniting a global relief effort criticized for being too slow. On the USS George Washington a continuous stream of helicopters landed and took off from the huge carrier as they shuttled supplies to the devastated city of Tacloban and remote villages.

Amid the roar of aircraft sailors bustled to load boxes of food and other relief goods onto helicopters, as enormous volumes of water were desalinated before being sent to the thirsty and famished victims of last week’s typhoon.

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